MGI Zip Navigator Electric Cart


MGI Zip Navigator Electric Cart

MGI Zip Navigator Electric Cart

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Product Description

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Do you want to walk the course, but without the strain of carrying your heavy golf bag? The MGI Electric Cart is exactly what you need!  MGI has been known as one of the best electric cart manufacturer's for the last 25 years!  The MGI ZIP Navigator is super easy to use and it is the most technologically advanced remote control caddie in the world.  The MGI Zip Navigator gives you full control of your cart from a small remote control that can fit in your pocket.  The patented Gyroscope Straight Tracker Technology keeps the Zip Navigator on target no matter the terrain...meaning you don't have to continually correct the direction of the cart!  

Don't worry about carrying, pushing or pulling your bag around the course anymore! 
  • Be free to just walk the course like the pros do!
  • Easily foldable for transport
  • Stable on even the roughest terrain
  • All Terrain tires for maximum traction and durability!
  • Easy to use!


Bob 10/2/2018 10:56:04 AM
Gyroscope Straight Tracker Technology does not work very well.
You need to adjust it the direction as it does not follow a straight line

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