Tour Striker Smart Ball

Tour Striker

Tour Striker Smart Ball

Tour Striker Smart Ball

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This is one golf training aid you'll use again and again!

Product Description

The Tour Striker SMART BALL is a medium-sized inflatable ball with a lanyard you attach around your neck. The SMART BALL is then wedged between your arms as you swing. It's a simple yet effective way to get those super-strong core muscles connected to your arms.

Start Using Martin Chuck’s Tour Striker SMART BALL and You Will Quickly Gain…

> A connected swing that maximizes your power for booming drives 
> Consistency … the ultimate goal of every great golfer
> Crisp and solid irons with a piercing trajectory
> A total transformation of your short game > In it's flat shape, Tour Stiker SMART BALL can also serve as a connection tool that easily stores in your golf bag.

How to Use the Tour Striker SMART BALL

Key Features

  • Inflate the ball and attach it around your neck
  • Move the ball so it's nestled between your forearms
  • Make some short and long swings hitting balls
You will quickly develop a fully connected golf swing and your game will be totally different. Students who use the Tour Striker SMART BALL enjoy rapid improvement with every part of their game.


Robert Holtgrave 5/8/2019 2:36:46 PM
I purchased it and use it frequently. It is a great product. Mine just recently started leaking air. Can I return it for new one?

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