Range To Go

Range To Go

Range To Go

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You'll NEVER Hit Off An Inferior Mat Again...

Thanks to this Ingenious 3-Tier 'Range To Go'

Product Description

Enjoy a Portable Driving Range

You can say goodbye to hitting balls off tired old range mats that don't properly simulate an on-course experience. Never again will you drive off static rubber tees... scuff your good clubs... or take nasty divots out of your lawn.

Range to Go makes all of that obsolete.


Here's Why I'm Sold on this Extraordinary Product...

If you’re like me, one of your biggest pet peeves is teeing it up on cheap, poor quality range mats.

They slip.. wear out... and don't give a real feel for playing on grass. And I DESPISE hitting off those ugly rubber tees.

Well, that changes forever – right now.

Let me introduce you to ‘Range to Go’ -- what I consider to be the BEST and FASTEST way to slash at least 3 strokes off your handicap. It’s essentially a portable, professional-quality, 3-tier driving range.

Once you try it, you’ll never rely on lousy range mats again...


Key Features

    • 3 Portable Practice Mats in One! Lush Fairway... Rough... plus a Teeing Area that lets you use a REAL TEE!
    • Professional Quality... and Virtually Indestructible
    • Ideal for Use in the Backyard, Park or at the Driving Range
    • Foldable and Perfect Portable – Just 7.5 Pounds. Zips into a Handy Nylon, Laptop-Sized Carrying case!

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