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Our vast library of golf instruction is easily searchable by shot type, skill area, coach and more. It’s available 24/7 on any device, so you can find what your game needs, when you need it. And, GOLFPASS members get unlimited access to every single tip and coaching plan we have. Our faculty have selected a few of their favorites, to get you started.

21-Point Game - this will improve your short game

By Cameron McCormick

2 days ago • 11,922 views

Putter Face Control - roll it more consistently

By Cameron McCormick

3 days ago • 8,597 views

More Rotation And Speed - free up your swing

By Cameron McCormick

4 days ago • 12,874 views

Sand Rake Drill - stop shanking your sand shots

By Cameron McCormick

5 days ago • 12,894 views

Jump The Fence - stop hitting behind the ball

By Cameron McCormick

6 days ago • 19,352 views

Smush The Heel - Improve your footwork for better distance

By Andrew Rice

7 days ago • 54,904 views

Flop Over A Bunker - give this technique a try

By Guest Experts

9 days ago • 78,749 views

Straightening A Pull - develop feel and feedback

By Martin Hall

10 days ago • 54,626 views

Best Practice Games - get serious about improving

By Sean Foley

11 days ago • 51,282 views

Harvey Penick Drill - stop scooping at the ball

By Martin Chuck

12 days ago • 67,917 views

The 30-Yard Pitch - learn from a PGA Tour winner

By Guest Experts

13 days ago • 71,791 views

Major-Quality Long Irons

By Equipment And Club Fitting

17 days ago • 29,107 views

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