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Revolution Golf Helps Srixon Drive Sales of the New 2015 Z-STAR™ Series Golf Balls

November 10, 2015, New York, N.Y. – Revolution Golf, one of the most engaging golf platforms on the Internet, recently worked with Srixon to deliver a highly successful promotional campaign to educate the consumer on the benefits of the new Z-STAR series golf balls in order to promote greater awareness of the line and drive retail pull-through.

"Revolution Golf’s ability to influence purchase behavior is fantastic," said Chris Beck, Brand Manager for Srixon. "This campaign allowed us to grow market share and generate trial of our new line of Z-STAR golf balls. Only 4% of Z-STAR purchasers were playing Srixon while 74% had not purchased a Srixon ball in the last twelve months."

The campaign consisted of two emails featuring an informational video that was produced to educate the more than 1.5 million Revolution Golf members on the benefits of the new Z-STAR line. Revolution Golf members were also offered the opportunity to purchase Z-STAR or Z-STAR XV golf balls directly at price parity with the industry.

"Revolution Golf sold out of their initial allocation of golf balls within two weeks which is a testament to the effectiveness of their media platform," continued Beck. "The fact that so many Revolution Golf members decided to try Srixon golf balls for the first time and also paid full retail is impressive. This campaign was very successful for us and exceeded our expectations."

"Our media platform allows us to deliver engagement rates seldom seen via other platforms," said Justin Tupper, Revolution Golf’s CEO and co-founder. "Our campaign with Srixon yielded an impressive 49% open rate and 5.6% click-through rate which is well above industry standards. We are pleased to have the opportunity to not only help Srixon educate and drive direct sales to our members, but also to stimulate demand through other retail channels. They were able to benefit directly from the reach of our media platform and more importantly, our ability to influence the purchasing behavior of our members, and measure the results."

The new Z-STAR and STAR XV golf balls feature new 2nd generation SpinSkin which increases frictional force by 18% and overall cover softness by 21% compared to the previous Z-STAR models, leading to more greenside spin and touch. Next generation 324 Speed Dimple™ technology combines uniformity of dimple design with higher surface coverage, creating increased distance and wind resistance. The Energetic Gradient Growth Core’s advance construction also optimizes S.T.A.R. Performance™ (Spin, Trajectory, Acceleration, and Responsiveness).

About Revolution Golf

Founded in 2011 and powered by the passion of more than 1.5 million avid golfers, Revolution Golf is the most engaging golf platform on the Internet. In the last four years, it has grown to become one of the largest digital media companies in the world focused on the core golfer. Its video-based platform connects golfers of all skill levels to world-class instruction covering all areas of the game, from personalized club matching and selection to reading greens like the pros and all aspects in between. Over 1,000 videos exist in its archive, with tips ranging from driving to putting to mental preparation, fitness and nutrition. Revolution Golf also serves its members as a source of the best in golf equipment and training aids.