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Revolution Golf Dedicates a Week to Honor the 50th Anniversary of Gary Player's Career Grand Slam

July 22, 2015, New York, N.Y. – Revolution Golf, the fastest growing media property in golf, is dedicating the week of July 20th to honor the 50th anniversary of Gary Player’s Career Grand Slam. During the week, Revolution Golf’s audience of over 1.5 million golfers will receive daily tips from Gary Player and have the opportunity to access his popular instructional golf media series, Gary Player: A Game For Life.

"Gary Player is one of the greatest golfers in history and we are pleased to honor both him and this milestone," said Justin Tupper, Revolution Golf's CEO and co-founder. “His instructional tips and A Game For Life DVD series have inspired our members to raise their game and learn the golf secrets that helped him win 9 majors, The Grand Slam, The Senior Grand Slam, 9 senior majors, and 165 professional events.”

The three DVD set offers four full hours of specialized instruction from the Black Knight covering all aspects of practice, bunker play, short game, putting, diet, and fitness. In Gary Player: A Game For Life, Player breaks the mold by refusing to focus on ultra-technical micro-analyzed swing instruction that can stump even a tour professional. Instead his focus revolves around the tips and instruction that led to Player's prolific success as a professional, and more importantly, kept him strong and fit enough to continue enjoying the game at a high level after 60 years of competitive play.

"Revolution Golf's unique platform not only gives us an opportunity to showcase and celebrate Gary Player’s incredible career, it gives us the ability to offer its audience of over 1.5 million avid golfers access to his well-proven approach to lowering handicaps,” said Marc Player, CEO of Black Knight International. "The Revolution Golf model combines digital video, email and social media to deliver exclusive content to its audience and we have found it to be an extremely effective platform to share Gary Player’s fresh and totally different approach to playing golf."

The mission of Revolution Golf is to be the premier golf instruction and information platform for passionate golfers around the world. The development and distribution of world class content has allowed Revolution Golf to build an audience of over 1.5 million avid golfers who are intimately engaged with the game and knowledgeable about the quality of information presented to them.

"Gary Player is extremely well-respected by our members. We sold out the initial run of the DVD box set within days the last time we offered it to our audience and we look forward to having similar success during our week of tribute to Gary Player," added Tupper.

About Revolution Golf

Founded in 2011 and powered by the passion of more than 1.5 million avid golfers, Revolution Golf is the most engaging golf platform on the Internet. In the last four years, it has grown to become one of the largest digital media companies in the world focused on the core golfer. Its video-based platform connects golfers of all skill levels to world-class instruction covering all areas of the game, from personalized club matching and selection to reading greens like the pros and all aspects in between. Over 1,000 videos exist in its archive, with tips ranging from driving to putting to mental preparation, fitness and nutrition. Revolution Golf also serves its members as a source of the best in golf equipment and training aids.