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Revolution Golf Creates Successful Promotional Campaign Featuring the Slot Trainer Putting System by Jim & Jon McLean

July 7, 2015, New York, N.Y. – Revolution Golf, the most engaging golf platform on the Internet, recently executed a highly successful promotional campaign for the Slot Trainer Putting System created by PGA Master Professional, Jim McLean and his son, PGA Tour Professional, Jon McLean. The centerpiece of the campaign was a Revolution Golf-produced infomercial that was distributed to its audience of over 1.5 million avid golfers.

Jim McLean is the owner of the world’s #1 golf school and for the past four years has been one of the distinguished instructors who has provided and continues to provide Revolution Golf’s rapidly growing audience with the tools to play better golf. He has combined three decades of golf research to effectively teach the essential aspects of the golf swing including body motions, angles and positions. He has taught over 100 PGA, LPGA and Senior PGA tour players and founded Jim McLean Golf Schools with 11 locations nationwide. His book, The 8 Step Swing, was ranked #11 on Sports Illustrated’s best golf books of the 20th century.

“One of Jim’s effective new training tools is the Slot Trainer Putting System that he developed with his son, Jon,” said Justin Tupper, Revolution Golf’s CEO and co-founder. “We were able to feature both Jim and Jon in an infomercial designed to educate our members about putting properly and to help stimulate demand for the Slot Trainer. Within a couple weeks we sold out of our initial 1,000 unit allocation and are well under way to selling more than 2,000 units.”

Jim McLean and Jon McLean worked with EyeLine Golf to develop the Slot Trainer Putting System - two pieces that help with the path of the putter and the aim of the putter at impact. The Path Trainer creates the ideal path for your putter. The Ball Path piece provides gates for your putter to swing through and a gate to make sure you are starting your putt on the intended line. The base pieces lay flat on the ground and are thin (1/16") so they don't affect the height of your stroke. The ball sits on the green, not on plastic. The Slot Trainer fits in your bag to get you ready for your best putting practice and warmup.

“Revolution Golf has developed an impressive database of serious golfers who have a burning desire to get better,” said Sam Froggatte, EyeLine Golf’s CEO. “Its audience is used to seeing instructional videos from Jim McLean and they trust what he has to say. Revolution Golf was able to add to that trust with a great product Jim and Jon created. The members saw the benefits of using the Slot Trainer to putt better. The Slot Trainer was positioned as a serious training tool. We were thrilled with the results of the campaign and we will definitely use the Revolution Golf platform again to promote our training aids and tools.”

About Revolution Golf

Founded in 2011 and powered by the passion of more than 1.5 million avid golfers, Revolution Golf is the most engaging golf platform on the Internet. In the last four years, it has grown to become one of the largest digital media companies in the world focused on the core golfer. Its video-based platform connects golfers of all skill levels to world-class instruction covering all areas of the game, from personalized club matching and selection to reading greens like the pros and all aspects in between. Over 1,000 videos exist in its archive, with tips ranging from driving to putting to mental preparation, fitness and nutrition. Revolution Golf also serves its members as a source of the best in golf equipment and training aids.