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Short Game & Putting

  • Featured Chip Shot Distance Control

    Golf Channel Academy Lead Coach Randy Chang from Pechanga Resort & Casino in California talks all about controlling the distance on your chip shots. 

  • Featured Greenside Bunker Practice

    Do you marvel at how easy pros make greenside bunker shots look? There’s a key difference between the way they play these shots and the way amateurs play them. This drill turns bogeys into pars.

  • Featured Hinge-And-Hold Chips and Pitches

    Today, Martin Hall comes to you from Orange County National outside Orlando to demonstrate  the one thing all great shippers and pitchers of the golf ball have in common.

  • Featured Super-High Flop Shots

    The high flop is one of the coolest shots in golf, but it intimidates many golfers. Today, Jim McLean demonstrates that the technique for this shot is actually deceptively simple.

Golf Instructional Videos

Revolution Golf provides 3-5 free golf instruction videos each week with tips and lessons from tour level golf instructors for golfers of all skill levels looking to improve their game. Golf experts will share best practices from refining your golf swing to putting drills and exercises proven to take you to the next level. Our coaches will walk you through how to find the right golf equipment unique to your style while testing out the latest gear. Be sure to check back each week for the latest free golf instruction videos!

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