A Special Opportunity …
2-Day Golf School With Jim McLean and Martin Chuck … March 29-31, 2020

Get a Blueprint for Success With PERSONAL Instruction at a 2-Day Golf School Featuring Two Members of the Revolution Golf Faculty ...
Jim McLean and Martin Chuck


2 Days of Golf Instruction PLUS… 2 nights of resort lodging, a welcome reception with the coaches, 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches with the coaches. Prices and packages start at just $3095 per student.


If you would like to reserve your spot today or have questions,
contact us via email or call: 833-453-8785

“I’ve been to a lot of schools…this is by far the best one”


“It will improve your consistency. I think it’s a good investment”


“I’ve taken away much more doing it here in person than watching it online”


“This school is so good that I would like to repeat another at a different location”



You’ve seen Jim McLean and Martin Chuck on Revolution Golf videos.

They’re two of the most popular and sought-after golf instructors on the planet. And they’re really popular with Revolution Golfers.

It’s super-hard to get lessons with them … even at their schools.

So … to give Revolution Golfers an opportunity to get personal instruction from these ‘rock star’ teachers, we’ve organized a golf school with Jim and Martin at a spectacular location … The Biltmore Hotel in Miami, FL.

It’s your opportunity to get personal instruction from these two members of the Revolution Golf faculty along with Jim McLean's golf school staff.

Some housekeeping first … Our Revolution Golf Schools are super-popular and sell out super-fast … so it’s super-vital to book right away.

Right now, let’s get straight into … 

What You’re Going to Discover at This 2-Day School – Get a TON Better in Just Two Days

Think about it … you can take a series of lessons over the course of the season … OR … you can take two days of intense golf instruction … get a season’s worth of lessons in just two days … working on EVERY aspect of your game.

You’ll get a clear blueprint for golf success at this school … a blueprint you can use for a lifetime of golf enjoyment.

It’s two days of full-on instruction with Jim McLean and Martin Chuck and their highly qualified associate instructors.

Here’s what you receive during the two days:

  • Complete swing analysis using video, Trackman, SwingCatalyst … all the latest technology. You’ll get a clear picture of your swing and where you can improve.
  • Instruction on the range and on the course for “situational” learning so you shoot lower scores through improved technique and sound course management.
  • Long game … instruction with the driver, fairway woods, hybrids, and irons. Hit more fairways and greens with better ball striking.
  • Short game … mastering chipping, pitching, putting, and reading greens. Turn three shots into two … this alone can help you save 5-10 shots a round.
  • Hitting the trouble shots. Rough … sand … difficult lies … shot shaping. Get out of trouble … no more big numbers on the scorecard.
  • Practicing with a purpose … plus a personal practice plan.
  • Personalized videos to keep the improvement going when you get back home.
  • Tour Striker gift package including the famous Tour Striker training aids.
  • 30-day follow-up via email or phone … INCLUDED.

PLUS … 2 nights of resort lodging … 2 breakfasts … and 2 lunches.

  • 2 nights of lodging at The Biltmore Hotel
  • Welcome reception with the coaches
  • 2 Breakfasts
  • 2 Lunches
  • 2 days of instruction
  • Graduation happy hour with the coaches

March 30, and 31, 2020 with arrival date of March 29.

Want to stay a bit longer at The Biltmore Hotel? Arrive a little early? That can be organized at a special additional rate.

Package Details ... A Spectacular Value ...

Members Save $100! 


Single Student - $3395 per student

Includes the two-day golf school, two nights of lodging at The Biltmore Hotel, two breakfasts and two lunches ... PLUS a welcome reception with the coaches.

One student, one non-student, double occupancy - $3595 total

The rate is for someone who would like to bring a guest with them that will NOT be attending the two-day golf school.

This rate includes two nights at The Biltmore Hotel, two breakfasts for both you and your guest, two lunches for the student only, and the two-day golf school for the student only ... PLUS a welcome reception with the coaches on Sunday evening.

Two students, double occupancy - $3095 per student

This rate is for two students who would like to both attend the golf school and share a hotel room - this rate is per person so the total would be $6190 for both students to attend.

This rate includes two nights at The Biltmore Hotel, two breakfasts, two lunches, and the two-day golf school ... PLUS a welcome reception with the coaches on Sunday evening.

Additional information:
If you'd like to extend your stay at the The Biltmore Hotel, we are happy to help arrange additional nights for you.

The golf course is extending a special rate to our Revolution Golf School attendees so please let us know if you're interested in playing a round of golf (or two!) throughout your stay.

The spa has extended a special discount to all Revolution Golf School attendees so please let us know if you'd like assistance in booking a spa service throughout your stay.

Here’s Your Game Improvement Itinerary

2 Days of the World’s Top Instruction

DAY 1: Sunday, March 29, 2020
  Arrive at The Biltmore Hotel and check in anytime after 3pm.
6:30 pm Welcome reception on property with the coaches.

DAY 2: Monday, March 30, 2020
*Breakfast on your own at the Fontana restaurant on property (included in the price)
8:00 am    Meet at the pro shop for shuttle service to the practice facility. 
8:15 am  Welcome, warm up, and a lesson in the "Art of Juggling." 
8:30 am Session 1 - Team sessions with Martin Chuck, Jim McLean and the Jim McLean faculty.
Students will be split up into 3 groups and will rotate between three stations per day. 
Station 1:  Turf strikes/ball-striking which includes mid-range wedges up to hybrids and fairway woods.
Station 2: 
Driving which includes maximizing your strike efficiency and distance.
Station 3:  Short game artistry which includes putting, chipping, and sand shots.
10:30 am  Session 2 - Team sessions continue.
12:30 pm  Lunch at the 19th hole.
1:45 pm Session 3 - Team session continue.
4:00 pm  Group competition.
4:30 pm  Wrap for the day. 
  *Dinner on your own. 

DAY 3: Tuesday, March 31, 2020
*Breakfast on your own at the Fontana restaurant on property (included in the price)
8:00 am Meet at the pro shop for shuttle service to the practice facility.
8:15 am Day 1 recap, skill development and pep talk for the day.
8:30 am Session 1 - Team sessions with Martin Chuck, Jim McLean and the Jim McLean faculty.
Students will break out into their groups again and rotate between stations.
Station 1:  Turf strikes/ball-striking which includes mid-range wedges up to hybrids and fairway woods.
Station 2:  Driving which includes maximizing your strike efficiency and distance.
Station 3:  Short game artistry which includes putting, chipping, and sand shots.
10:00 am  Session 2 - Team sessions continue. 
11:30 am Session 3 - Team sessions continue. 
1:00 pm  Lunch at the 19th hole. 
2:00 pm  On-course application focusing on driver strategies, approach shots and short game. 
4:30 pm  Graduation cocktail and closing remarks. 
  *Dinner on your own. 

After two days of instruction and on-course improvement, you’ll have a clear blueprint for long-term improvement … from some of the world’s top instructors.

The Biltmore Hotel - Miami - Coral Gables

The Biltmore Hotel is proud to be the home to Jim McLean’s renowned Golf School World Headquarters.

The Jim McLean Golf School at The Biltmore Hotel offers a comprehensive variety of lessons and golf instruction experiences with world class golf professionals and state-of-the-art techniques.


These Schools Are for You If …

  • You’re a low-handicapper who wants to get to scratch … or better.
  • You’re a total beginner and you’re just starting your golf journey.
  • There’s a certain swing fault that’s keeping you from being your best … and you want to get rid of this fault.
  • You consider yourself an “average” recreational golfer but you know you can get a lot better.
  • There’s a certain part of your game you really want to improve.
  • You’re seeking distance, accuracy, more power, and, above all, CONSISTENCY.
  • You simply want to have a lot more fun playing this great game. 

People have come to our golf schools from all over the world … and they range from scratch golfers to beginners.


Yes … members of our faculty teach, and have taught, many of world’s top professional golfers … from Tiger Woods to Jordan Spieth.

BUT … every member of the Revolution Golf has worked, and still works, extensively with “recreational” golfers.

So there’s a misconception that our schools are ONLY for better players when NOTHING could be further from the truth. Our schools are open to EVERY golfer … including beginners, high handicappers, top amateurs, and everyone in between. So come see us … wherever you might be in your golf journey.

Highly Personal Golf Instruction with Jim McLean, Martin Chuck and the Jim McLean Golf School Faculty ... and in partnership with Srixon

At our school at The Biltmore Hotel, you’ll get personal instruction from our super-popular golf instructors: Jim McLean and Martin Chuck and Jim McLean's golf school faculty.

In case you’re not familiar with these rock stars of golf instruction … here are the details.


A World Top Golf Instructor

As a former professional golfer, Jim McLean is a renowned instructor who has taught over a 100 touring pros. With over 30 years of experience, he is also a member of six halls of fame.

Jim has been instrumental in developing many great young teachers and has trained his system to over 100 professionals who are now directors of golf and instruction at top private clubs.


Founder of The Tour Striker Golf Academy

If you have been a member of the Revolution Golf community then you have met Martin Chuck and seen his videos. Martin started the Tour Striker Golf Academy in the Spring of 2011 and it has become one of the most successful Golf Academy and Coaching Programs in North America.

Martin learned about golf … and teaching golf … from two of the world’s greatest ball strikers: Moe Norman and George Knudson. Martin was a Knudson assistant. Martin’s students include touring professionals, total beginners, high school players … and everyone in between.

When he’s not teaching, Martin is inventing and selling the line of Tour Striker golf training aids … and spending time with his family.

One of the World’s Top Golf Destinations for This Golf Schools

When selecting the locations for The Revolution Golf 2-Day Schools, I said, “we’re going to awesome locations … or we’re not going at all.”

We’ve been to Oregon, Florida, and Colorado … and this time we’re back in Florida at the sumptuous Biltmore Hotel in Miami, Florida.

51 Reasons to Join Us for this Revolution Golf 2-Day School at The Biltmore Hotel

  • Intense golf instruction is the most effective … you’ll learn faster and it can be a better value than a series of lessons.
  • Over 16 hours of instruction ... to accelerate your improvement.
  • Work directly on your game with personal instruction from Jim McLean and Martin Chuck …
  • Gain 15 to 40 yards off the tee … with instructors who are passionate about helping golfers gain more big-time distance with the driver.
  • Two days of awesome golf … even more if you like … at a beautiful location in Florida.
  • A great time at the practice area with some of America’s most entertaining and accomplished instructors.
  • Non-technical instruction. The instruction focuses more on helping you develop YOUR game … instead of getting too technical.
  • Get a blueprint for improvement you can take back to your home course … for long-term improvement.
  • Learn how to hit crisp irons because you’ll work on your ball-striking with some of the world’s top instructors.
  • Diagnose any swing issues quickly and accurately thanks to the advanced golf technology you’ll find at these schools.
  • Become a short-game wizard thanks to the short game instruction with wedges and putter. Discover how to turn 3 shots into 2 around the greens … the fastest way to shoot lower scores.
  • World-class accommodations and dining to suit everyone.
  • Easy to get to from Miami airports … sunny, warm location.
  • Highly personal instruction in a small group setting.
  • Learn a new level of course management with on-course instruction from Jim McLean and Martin Chuck along with Jim McLean's teaching faculty.
  • Discover how to get out of trouble on the golf course thanks to the special “recovery” session.
  • Options for non-golfers including spas, dining, and Orlando’s amazing local attractions.
  • Meet fellow golfers with a passion for golf and make lifelong friends.
  • Top practice facilities with all the diagnostic tools and tour-level conditioning.
  • Awesome value … pro-level instruction at one of the world’s top golf destinations. A special deal ONLY for Revolution Golfers.
  • Package includes breakfast, lunch, golf, and instruction … so it’s an excellent value.
  • Become more consistent.
  • Avoid common mistakes because you learn to fix them quickly.
  • Boost your short game confidence thanks to the short game sessions.
  • Hit stone-dead pitches from even the tightest lies.
  • Smash the ball consistently because you’ll learn about secret distance robbers and how to beat them.
  • Keep the improvement going thanks to the follow-up 30 minute phone call.
  • Instruction geared toward any and every golfer from “newbie” to accomplished amateur.
  • Discover how to hit those “tweener” wedge shots that are key to lower scores.
  • Learn how to make the most of your practice time thanks to the practice plan you’ll get in these schools … the schools will cover what to practice … and what NOT to practice.
  • Powerful and proven drills including the “Speed Set” drill for every practice session and the slightly crazy “Flip-Flop Drill” ... both excellent for your ball striking and power.
  • Get maximum power by keeping your arms and torso connected.
  • Develop pro-level touch and feel around the greens.
  • Solid contact with every club so you stop hitting thin shots and stop hitting fat shots.
  • Never worry about your lie … ever again.
  • Hit controlled and precise shots out of the sand.
  • Look forward to hitting sand shots, pitches, chips, and long fairway bunker shots.
  • Get set up perfectly every time you play – so you avoid making pre-shot mistakes.
  • Hit successful sand shots from any lie in any bunker – with any type of sand.
  • Discover how to hit the hardest shot in golf … the long bunker shot. It’s a lot easier than you think.
  • Demystify club selection around the green.
  • Hit solid shots in the all-important 175-215 yard range … because you will know all about hitting long shots with fairway woods and hybrids.
  • Surprise yourself by hitting superb shots – you’re better than you think you are.
  • Discover how to hit a solid draw for added distance.
  • Hit deadly wedges that spin and stop next to the hole.
  • Hit Enjoy piercing and penetrating tour-quality iron shots.
  • Fix the most common swing fault – coming over the top … if that’s your issue.
  • Say goodbye to slicing and weak fades … if you’ve been struggling with these shots.
  • Practice many of the techniques at home or in the office.
  • Solid every time … feel the correct impact position for sweet-spot contact.
  • The low prices for instruction … way below the usual price if you visited Jim or Martin in person for two days.

Let our experienced team help you.

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