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  • Recommended by Dave Stockton Who Won 5 Majors and 25 Professional Events.
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  • Straighter Putts … No More Pushes and Pulls …
  • Become ‘Automatic’ with Your Short Putts Inside 7 Feet
  • Easy to Use. No lasers. No batteries. No fiddling around. Extremely lightweight.
  • Used by Hundreds of Touring and Teaching Pros


From the Desk of Justin Tupper … Founder of Revolution Golf

Dear Revolution Golfer …

Want to be a stronger putter?

Want superb distance control with every putt of every length?

Want to sink a ton of those all-important short putts?

Want every putt looking like it’s going in the hole?

Want to drive your playing partners crazy?

It’s totally achievable for EVERY golfer including YOU.

SO let’s start by meeting …

One of the Greatest Putters … and Putting Teachers … Of All Time …

Because you’re a Revolution Golfer, you know golf. So I’m totally certain you’ve heard of Dave Stockton. He’s a highly successful touring and teaching professional. He’s well-known as one of the greatest putters of all time.

Let’s dig a little deeper into Stockton’s amazing career.

  • Two PGA Championships in 1970 and 1976.
  • Three Champions Tour Majors including the 1996 U.S. Senior Open.
  • 14 Wins on The Champions Tour.
  • 10 Wins on the PGA Tour plus one international victory.
  • Victorious U.S. Ryder Cup Captain.

In fact, Stockton remained highly competitive on The Champions Tour well into his 60s, finishing in the top 50 on the Champions Tour money list for a thirteenth consecutive season in 2004. Not too shabby.

A full list of Dave Stockton’s achievements in professional golf would take several pages.

And a lot of this success came from being a superb putter.

Here’s Something Really Important About Dave Stockton … And What This Means for
Your Game …

With such an accomplished professional career, Stockton was obviously a great driver of the ball and a great ball striker. He was also pretty handy with a wedge in his hands.

But among his peers … and the entire golfing world … Stockton was known as one of the greatest putters of all time.

In fact, on the final hole of the 1976 PGA Championship, Stockton drained a 15-foot putt under serious pressure to avoid a playoff with Ray Floyd and Don January … and hoist that big trophy.

So … when Dave Stockton talks about putting, everyone needs to listen.

In fact, here’s an interesting question …

Where Do Top Professionals Go for Putting Lessons?

Where does an epic putter like Phil Mickelson go for putting lessons? Easy. Dave Stockton.

The touring pros take putting lessons, too.

There are lots of teaching professionals who teach these touring professionals. But where do the truly elite-level putters go for putting lessons?

Many of them head to Redlands, California, where Dave Stockton has his golf school. You’ll see the likes of Phil Mickelson on Stockton’s practice putting green.

You’ll find many others who make the trek to Southern California’s Inland Empire to get a lot better at putting with help from Dave Stockton.

What happens during these sessions?

Here’s Something You Can Be Totally Clear About When It Comes to Dave Stockton and Putting …

The LAST thing Dave Stockton wants you to see is a FAST putting stroke. He doesn’t want you thinking “hit” at all. He wants you thinking “roll” that ball toward the hole.

What does he want you to have in your putting stroke?

  • Quiet hands.
  • A smooth stroke with excellent rhythm.
  • Slowing the tempo down.

Get the above into YOUR putting stroke and you’re going to sink a lot more putts. Plus you’re going to get your speed right more consistently. And here’s what we know for sure … there are just two things going on in putting … line and speed.

Speaking of Direction …

Yes you have to get your line right before you putt. But when you have a stroke that’s jerky and too fast, it’s super-easy for the clubface to get closed at impact … or open at impact.

What the result?

Pushes and pulls.

Plus … when the putter face isn’t square at impact, this makes a difference to your speed.

Want to make a big change?

Gain those “quiet hands” and a smooth stroke that’s probably slower than your typical stroke and you’ll SINK A TON MORE PUTTS.

How can you achieve the “Dave Stockton” putting stroke?

It’s easy …

Introducing The FLEX PUTTER … A Training Aid Used By Top Touring Professionals to Groove a PERFECT Putting Stroke …


The FLEX PUTTER is a training aid created to help you sink more putts every time you play. It features a regular grip and standard putter head. The key difference is a highly flexible shaft.

Putt with an imperfect stroke and putts will go pretty much anywhere.

The super-flexible shaft in the FLEX PUTTER helps you groove a perfect putting stroke.

But when you putt with a perfect stroke using the FLEX PUTTER … it’s just like you’re putting with a regular putter … AND your putts roll perfectly with intended speed and direction.

Simply use The FLEX PUTTER when you practice and you’ll gain the following …

  • Feel the perfect release and feel a perfect roll.
  • Gain the ideal putter swing path.
  • Excellent speed and distance control … CONSISTENTLY.
  • Perfect timing and rhythm … plus perfect feel thanks to the soft metal head.

The FLEX PUTTER conforms with USGA Rules. Use it for practice or even use it when you play a full round.

To develop the perfect feel for a perfect stroke, keep the flexible shaft of The FLEX PUTTER straight up and down at impact.

If your putting stroke is too aggressive, the shaft of The FLEX PUTTER will flex too abruptly resulting in a pull or a push … plus inconsistent distance control.


​The FLEX PUTTER looks and feels just like a regular putter. It’s one reason so many touring professionals use it all the time.

The FLEX PUTTER magnifies the impact of a poor putting stroke … and magnifies the impact of a perfect stroke.


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Gain Consistency And Avoid Putting Disasters With The FLEX PUTTER

Start practicing with The FLEX PUTTER and you’ll start to gain the correct FEEL for the perfect putting stroke.

It’s like Dave Stockton is right there with you on the practice putting green.

Even better, you can take this feel directly to the golf course. You’ll gain more consistent results. Here’s what you can expect with The FLEX PUTTER.

  • One. With excellent speed you’ll stop 3-putting.
  • Two. Those well-deserved birdie and eagle chances will start to drop … and this will dramatically improve your scoring.
  • Three. You’ll make just about everything within 10 feet of the hole. Imagine the positive impact this will have on your handicap.

What Tiger Woods Said About Putting

Tiger Woods has said this about putting … IT’S ABOUT RELEASING THE PUTTER HEAD FOR A GREAT STROKE.

When’s he’s putting well, he feels like he’s releasing that putter head … much like he releases the clubhead in his full swing.

If you want that feeling of “release” then you can feel that … and PERFECT that … with help from The FLEX PUTTER.

Teaching Pros and Touring Pros Trust The FLEX PUTTER

We know that Dave Stockton and his sons use The FLEX PUTTER for teaching students. And the list of touring pros who trust The FLEX PUTTER is long. Here are just a few …

Francesco Molinari
Dustin Johnson
Hideki Matsuyama
Ernie Els
J.J. Henry
Rickie Fowler
Ryan Palmer
Fabian Gomez
Jay Haas
Bill Haas
Jason Kokrak
Bernhard Langer
Ryan Moore

Patrick Reed
Angel Cabrera
Andres Romero
Jhonathan Vegas
Patton Kizzare
Bryson DeChambeau
Casey Wittenberg
JJ Spaun
Smylie Kaufman
Mark Brooks
Charlie Beljan
John Mallinger
Rafa Cabrera Bello

Brandt Jobe
SeungYul Noh
Zac Blair
Gary Hallberg
Boo Weekley
Fred Funk
Trevor Immelman
Chez Reavie
Yani Tseng
Chris DiMarco
Ian Poulter
Kelly Kraft
Tyrone van Aswegen

Harris English
KJ Choi
Shane Bertch
William McGirt
Vaughn Taylor
Richard Lee
Anirban Lahiri
Spencer Levin
Darren Clarke
Brian Stuard
Jason Bohn
Matt Jones
Graeme McDowell

Start using The FLEX PUTTER and it will totally change your putting.

  • You feel how to hit super-solid putts.
  • CONSISTENT speed and distance control.
  • The ball rolls perfectly and this keeps the ball on line – even on slightly bumpy greens … and even the very best greens can be a little bumpy.
  • You learn a perfect stroke by practicing a perfect stroke and FEELING a perfect stroke.
  • You don’t lose your mind on the golf course … because you’re sinking a lot of putts … especially those short ones. It’s awesome for confidence.
  • No more flipping the hands at impact … just a solid and repeatable stroke.

Make the Most of Your Putting Lessons … and Valuable Practice Time …

If you have taken putting lessons from a teaching pro then you’ve felt that perfect stroke … or been taught to feel it.

To keep that feeling going, you’ll want to have the FLEX PUTTER with you during the lesson … then use it when you practice making the most of your practice time.

Result? You shoot lower scores and have a ton more fun when you’re out there on the golf course.

The Great Bobby Jones Said It Best …

Bobby Jones was an awesome ball striker. So is Phil Mickelson. But both these great players have epic short games. You see Phil Mickelson’s because he’s on TV a lot … but Bobby Jones had an awesome short game too.

And you can get this type of short game into YOUR game with help from the FLEX PUTTER. You’ll sink more putts … and make the most of your awesome chips, sand shots, and pitches.

Bobby Jones and Phil Mickelson are two of the greatest golfers of all time. Here’s what they said about the short game.

The secret of great golf is turning 3 shots into 2.

- Bobby Jones

Tournaments are won from 70 yards and in.

- Phil Mickelson

How to Use the FLEX PUTTER … And Start Sinking a TON of Putts …

STEP 1. Buy the FLEX PUTTER at a super-low price.

STEP 2. Go to the practice putting green and feel a slower stroke … a perfect stroke.

STEP 3. Start hitting putts.

STEP 6. Make putt after putt after putt … and get pro-quality putting.

The FLEX PUTTER trains your arms and shoulders to feel that perfect stroke. You can take what you learn straight to the golf course.

Use Anywhere You Can Putt … Or Even Where You Can’t Putt …

You can use the FLEX PUTTER on the practice green. You can use the FLEX PUTTER when you’re at home or in the office. You can even play a full round with The FLEX PUTTER.

Use it with your PGA or LPGA instructor. It’s also perfect for beginners … or if you’ve been playing for decades and simply want to be a much stronger and more consistent putter.

6 Fast Improvements to Your Putting Thanks to The FLEX PUTTER


Putting is a ton easier when you hit the ball in the sweet spot. Instructors and pros call this “Center Contact.”

When you make ‘Center Contact’ the ball will roll perfectly toward the hole and your speed will be consistent. The FLEX PUTTER will help you make this center contact consistently.


Your putter can have a square-to-square path or an inside-inside path. But you cannot have an inside-out or outside-in path.

The FLEX PUTTER will help you gain the correct path with your putter.


Take a look the best putters on the tours … and the great putters you know … and you’ll discover something about the length of the putting stroke … it’s pretty much the same length back and through.

There are two benefits … you consistently get the putter face square to the target at impact PLUS it’s easier to control distance – even on those longer putts.

If you have a short backswing for every putt, you can push putts. When you have a longer backswing, you have to slow down the putter through impact and you will pull your putts.

But with a stroke that’s the same length back and through you will sink a lot more putts.

The FLEX PUTTER will give you this consistency.


Look at the best putters from decades ago and you’ll see a lot of hand action. Golfers back then played on slower, shaggier greens so they had to “pop” the ball with power from the wrists.

Today, with faster greens and smoother putting surfaces, you don’t want ANY wrist or hand action. The wrists and hands stay quiet while the arms and shoulders power the stroke.

You want to feel that your hands and wrists are set in concrete when you putt.

When the power comes from the arms and shoulders, it’s easier to putt well under pressure. It’s also important to keep the lower body absolutely still.

The FLEX PUTTER gives you this solid feeling in your hands.


Confidence comes from correct practice and having the right attitude. But to make the most of your practice time, it’s VITAL to have your technique correct so you make perfect contact.

What’s your attitude toward putting? Do you view putting as a chore? Or do you LOVE putting and believe you’re going to make every putt, every time?

With correct technique, you can gain a TON of confidence. The right attitude means you …

  • Want to get your technique correct
  • Like to practice
  • Understand that even the greatest greens are not perfect.

The truly great putters have a positive attitude when they have a putter in their hands. The FLEX PUTTER helps you gain this totally confident approach to putting.


Have you ever seen a great putter with a jerky stroke? No? I haven’t either. You want to gain perfect rhythm in your putting stroke.

Perfect rhythm is important because it means you will hit the ball in the sweet spot, with the putter blade square to the target. It’s also vital for speed control.

Want perfect rhythm? Get The FLEX PUTTER into your life.

31 Reasons You Will LOVE the FLEX PUTTER … And Want to Add This to Your Golfing Arsenal …

  • Gain consistency … FINALLY fix the putting issues that have been keeping you from improving …
  • Used by many of the world’s top golfers … so you know it works.
  • Endorsed by one of the greatest putters of all time … Dave Stockton.
  • Making the complex simple … no technical mumbo-jumbo. Just start using the FLEX PUTTER and FEEL the perfect stroke.
  • Save 3-7 shots a round … as you become a putting machine.
  • Sink a TON of putts … especially those short ones that have a big impact on your score.
  • Works for everyone … Lefty … Righty … Seniors … Women … Juniors … Beginners … Low Handicappers.
  • Solves the #1 problem that impacts most golfers … too much wrist action in the putting stroke.
  • Hit more accurate putts … that stay on the intended line more often.
  • Better distance control … more consistency with your putting and no more 3-jacks.
  • Easy to use … use on the golf course or at home.
  • Fast results … start shooting lower scores right away. Even take The FLEX PUTTER to the golf course.
  • Promotes head and body stability … which is VITAL for accurate and consistent putting.
  • Get those really bad putts out of your system  … no more putts that make you wish you didn’t play the game.
  • Works with any putter grip style … traditional, left hand low, claw, gator etc … including the long putter.
  • Perfect for beginners who want to get started the right way with their putting.
  • Perfect for more accomplished and experienced golfers who want to improve even more and maintain those super-solid putting fundamentals.
  • Faster improvement because valuable practice time is focused on what works.
  • Discover how to FEEL the correct movements in your putting … this can be an easier way to learn than by watching or listening.
  • Durable for years of use … the FLEX PUTTER is made from top-quality materials.
  • Perfect for every golfer … juniors … seniors … lefties … righties … accomplished golfers … beginners … and everyone in between.
  • Left-handed and right-handed.
  • Gain confidence on even the most difficult greens.
  • Feel tour-quality putting rhythm … the fastest way to learn.
  • Sink more birdie and eagle putts … a key to lower scores.
  • Use The FLEX PUTTER with your golf teaching professional to get the most from your lessons.
  • Develop perfect path each time you putt for consistent accuracy.
  • Drive your golf buddies crazy as you sink putt after putt after putt.
  • Start to win more tournaments if you’re a competitive golfer or simply enjoy playing in club tournaments.
  • Bring purpose to your practice so you improve … and maintain a pro-level of putting.
  • The lowest price we’ve seen … the ultra-low price … way below retail … 

A Special Super-Low Price for the FLEX PUTTER … But HURRY … It’s Only for a Limited Time


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And every FLEX PUTTER we sell through Revolution Golf is protected by the Revolution Golf 100% Playability Guarantee

As with all products offered by Revolution Golf, we offer the FLEX PUTTER with a low price plus a 100% PLAYABILITY GUARANTEE!

If the FLEX PUTTER fails to give you the distance, playability, and forgiveness you want, you’re protected by the Revolution Golf playability guarantee. If you’re not totally delighted for any reason … or no reason … we will quickly refund your money.

We’re promising the FLEX PUTTER will be long … and forgiving … and easy to hit. We back up this promise with a rock-solid 30-day guarantee. If you want to return the club, simply contact our customer service team at customerservice@revolutiongolf.com and you’ll receive simple refund instructions … including how to return the FLEX PUTTER if you decide it’s not for you.

*GOLFPASS Members are protected by the 365-Day Guarantee

Great Putting or Weak Putting … The Choice is Yours …

Right now, you have a simple decision to make. You can struggle with poor putting because your stroke is jerky or too fast … or both.

OR …

You can try the FLEX PUTTER risk-free and finally FEEL what putting feels like.

The FLEX PUTTER can totally transform your putting.

Try it right now by clicking below.

And remember … you get a special discount only through Revolution Golf.

To a Lifetime of Great Golf…

Justin Tupper
Revolution Golf

P.S. Here’s what you can expect soon after you start to use the FLEX PUTTER…

  • Solid putts.
  • Excellent speed and distance control with your putts.
  • Save 3-7 shots a round.
  • More fun on the golf course.
  • Every putt looks like it’s going in the hole.
  • CONSISTENCY and CONFIDENCE with your putting. Always a great thing.
  • You can fix those nagging problems that are keeping you from reaching your full potential with your putting
  • Make “sweet spot” contact every time you practice and play.

Benefit from using the FLEX PUTTER for the special introductory price of just $107. It’s a “no-brainer” bargain. And if you’re not completely satisfied, you get a full and complete refund.

P.P.S. You’ll definitely see pros around the world working HARD on the all-important move the FLEX PUTTER helps you achieve. So get your FLEX PUTTER now.


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