An Important Message for Revolution Golfers Who Want a Super-Easy GPS Solution … and Much More … 

Believe it Or Not … This Watch Gives You Super-Accurate GPS Yardages on 38,000 Golf Courses … Plus Gives You These Additional Advantages …

  • Super-accurate front/middle/back distances on over 38,000 golf courses around the world. 
  • Carry and layup yardages to hazards, bunkers, and even dog-legs so you stay out of trouble. 
  • Super-lightweight and easy to use … it’s like having a caddy and yardage book with you all the time. 
  • Shoot lower scores because you’re always getting the correct yardages and right information. 
  • VERSATILE … wear it like a regular watch ... carry in a pocket … attach to your belt … clip to your hat or bag … use pretty much anywhere. 
  • Special allotment ONLY for Revolution Golfers … not available in stores. An RG exclusive for this launch. 
  • Great looking … tough … durable … weather resistant. 
  • A super-low price just for this launch. 
Revolution Golf is the official launch partner for the SWAMI GPS WATCH. 
Get the SWAMI GPS WATCH Before the Rest of the Golfing World …

From the desk of Justin Tupper, Founder of Revolution Golf. 

Dear Revolution Golfer … 


Have you been looking for some amazing technology to give you super-accurate distances on the golf course? 


Then I’ve got something for you. 

Our friends at Izzo have created an all-new piece of powerful technology that will give you accurate yardages to the front, middle, and back of the green … plus layup and carry distances to hazards. It’s called the SWAMI GPS WATCH and it gives you other benefits … as you’re about to discover. 

Plus it’s one of the smallest and lightest GPS devices I’ve seen. Just press a button and get instant yardages on the easy-to-read screen. Nice! 

This means you can say “goodbye” to guesswork on the golf course. 

Result? You become more accurate and you can shoot lower scores. No more mis-clubbing. 

Before my SWAMI GPS WATCH arrived, I was hunting around for sprinkler heads, looking for that mysterious “bush” or “rock” that’s supposed to be 150 or 200 yards from the center of the green … and generally guessing about distances and club selection. 

Now the problem is solved … 

Thanks to the SWAMI GPS WATCH … I Don’t Have to Deal With THIS Problem Anymore …

When I’m on the tee and in the fairway … and pretty much anywhere … the SWAMI GPS WATCH gives me accurate yardages to the front, middle, and back of the green. Plus it also gives me something else really valuable … layup and carry distances to hazards. 

It’s all thanks to Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology … exactly the same technology used by the US military for precision-guided weapons systems. So you know it’s accurate. 

With the SWAMI GPS WATCH in your arsenal, you can make the right decisions about club selection every time you play. 

Instead of guessing and taking a 5-iron on a par-3, you get the accurate yardage from the SWAMI GPS WATCH. So you choose an 7-iron instead … and you’re 10 feet from the hole looking at birdie instead of having to deal with a 60-foot putt … and getting stressed over a possible 3-putt. 

And let’s say you’re playing a short-ish but hazard-laden par-5. You’re thinking “birdie” or “eagle” when you’re on the tee. But you need the right distances so you can choose the right club from the tee … and from the fairway. 

Result? More birdie and eagle chances … plus you can realistically save 5-8 shots a round. 

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It’s a GPS On Your Wrist … Really!

Once you get to your ball, look at the screen on the watch to see your distances. 

So it’s super-convenient and it’s a lot like having a caddy with you on the course. Even better, the SWAMI GPS WATCH gives you accurate layup and carry yardages to hazards, bunkers, and even dog-legs so you can avoid swamps, OB, ditches, water, and other nasty hazards. 

And … 

There’s More to the SWAMI GPS WATCH …

Here’s something we all know … there are plenty of GPS, shot-tracking, and yardage-finding options on the market. 

So … when I saw the SWAMI GPS WATCH, I challenged our friends at Izzo … and I asked … 

“There’s a lot of GPS technology in golf right now … what makes your SWAMI GPS WATCH different and better? 

Fair question, right? 

Then our friends at Izzo showed me everything the SWAMI GPS WATCH can do … and it’s an impressive list. 

The SWAMI GPS WATCH gives you the yardages to
front, middle, and back on the screen.

SWAMI GPS WATCH gives you 10 hours of battery time
in normal conditions and is extremely easy to charge.

The SWAMI GPS WATCH is lightweight and you won’t feel it’s even there.
But you can attach it to your belt loop or bag … anywhere that’s convenient.

The SWAMI GPS WATCH gives you everything you need to get the information you need to shoot lower scores .... and MUCH more!

  • The SWAMI GPS WATCH gives you instant access to over 38,000 golf courses worldwide … no fees or subscriptions. 
  • Auto-hole advancement … no need to touch the SWAMI GPS WATCH or have to figure out your location on the golf course. 
  • The scorekeeper feature tracks your score. 
  • Totally accurate time and date … set by satellite. 
  • Track stats like number of putts and Greens in Regulation. 
  • Long-lasting battery … lasts around 10 hours in GPS mode. 
  • Easy-charge. Just attach the SWAMI GPS WATCH to the handy-dandy charger and it quickly charges. 
  • Weather-resistant … use on rainy and misty days. 

Let’s take a look at … 

How the SWAMI GPS WATCH Works …
It’s Super-Easy

In addition to being one of the lightest, most accurate, most convenient, and smallest golf GPS devices around, the SWAMI GPS WATCH is super-easy to set up and use. 

Simply take these steps: 

STEP 1. Get the SWAMI GPS WATCH at the special low price only for Revolution Golfers.  It’s the lowest price we’ve seen for genuine Izzo technology … it’s a special launch price. 

STEP 2. Wear the SWAMI GPS WATCH just like a regular watch … or attach to your golf bag, belt, or just use in your pocket. Anywhere. 

STEP 3. Choose the course you’re about to play on the SWAMI GPS WATCH. No download fees or ‘surprise’ subscriptions. 

STEP 4. Stop at your golf ball and get accurate yardages to the front, middle, and back of the green … plus those layup and carry distances to hazards and dog-legs. 

Let SWAMI GPS WATCH give you super-accurate GPS yardages … and other valuable information. 

The SWAMI GPS WATCH gives you confidence knowing you always have the right yardage. Plus it saves time because you’re not peering into a yardage book or hunting around for sprinkler heads … or the “bush” or “rock” that gives you 150 yards to the middle of the green (very approximately). 

Access to One of the World’s Largest Databases of Golf Courses … Included …
With No Hidden Fees …

Is there a golf course where you can’t use SWAMI GPS WATCH? Probably not … that’s because the people at Izzo have organized access to more than 38,000 golf courses around the world. And they’re adding more courses all the time. There are NO subscription fees and NO download fees … even when new courses are added. 

Now … let’s look at … 

25 Reasons You’ll Love the SWAMI GPS WATCH

  • Get super-accurate yardages every time you play … front, middle, and back. This will help you shoot lower scores because you can choose your clubs accurately and with total confidence. 
  • Easy to read distances … just look at your watch! 
  • Over 38,000 courses available … no hidden fees … no download fees … no subscriptions. 
  • Impressive battery life … 10 hours in normal use. 
  • Won’t use up your cell phone battery … keep your cell phone for regular use. 
  • Get yardages QUICKLY so you can play faster and have more fun on the golf course. 
  • Avoid hazards, bunkers, and other round-wrecking junk … because the SWAMI GPS WATCH gives you layup and carry distances to hazards. 
  • Get key stats including Greens in Regulation and putts per round. 
  • Play faster … no more hunting around for yardages. 
  • Weather resistant … use the SWAMI GPS WATCH in pretty much any weather … you can read the display even in bright sun and in dreary weather. 
  • Versatile … use anywhere on the golf course … tee to green. 
  • Get precise distances for pitching … so you get up and down more often. 
  • Distance accuracy … discover how far you hit each club when you’re actually out there on the golf course. 
  • Simple and easy to use. Sets up in seconds. You can use the SWAMI GPS WATCH the day it arrives at your front door. 
  • Small and never in the way … on your wrist or pretty much anywhere. 
  • High quality and rugged … from Izzo … one of the biggest and most trusted names in golf. 
  • Comfortable and light … you won’t even know it’s there. Just over 2 ounces. 
  • Use right away … no software to install. Use right out of the box. No technical mumbo-jumbo. 
  • Shoot lower scores because you’re getting the correct yardages to each part of the green. 
  • Wave “goodbye” to guesswork on the golf course when it comes to yardages … accurate yardages leads to lower scores … 
  • Auto-hole advancement … no need to touch the SWAMI GPS WATCH. 
  • Extremely reliable design from one of the top names in golf. 
  • Perfect for all golfers of any standard, age, handicap, etc. 
  • An awesome gift … for everyone in your golfing world. 
  • Lowest price we’ve seen … especially when compared to other GPS devices and laser devices.  

Here’s What You Get With the Revolution Golf SWAMI GPS WATCH Package

  • User Manual 
  • Charger 


Get the SWAMI GPS WATCH Before the
Rest of the World …

The SWAMI GPS WATCH is an all-new product from Izzo. The ONLY place you can get the SWAMI GPS WATCH is right here. 

You’re the first to gain access to the SWAMI GPS WATCH … as a member of the Revolution Golf community. 

Want to Give a Great Gift? It’s Here …

The SWAMI GPS WATCH makes an excellent gift for everyone in your golfing world … friends, family members, and business associates. 

They will love the small size … the convenience … the data and everything about the SWAMI GPS WATCH. 

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WARNING! Only Buy From a Trusted and Reliable Source Like Revolution Golf So You Get Genuine Izzo Equipment …

You might see a lower price for the SWAMI GPS WATCH on a website – especially an auction site. However, you must beware … thousands of FAKE items get into the market. So it’s important to buy from a trusted source … like Revolution Golf. Plus you get no official warranty when you buy Izzo products on auction sites. 

Revolution Golf is an Authorized Izzo Reseller … so you can be TOTALLY CERTAIN you’re getting genuine Izzo Golf products … and backed by the Izzo warranty plus the guarantee below. 

And, as always with Revolution Golf … your satisfaction is totally backed with … 

Our Exclusive 30-Day Guarantee 

As with all products offered by Revolution Golf, we back the SWAMI GPS WATCH with a 30-day guarantee. It’s the strongest guarantee in golf … certainly the strongest we’ve seen. 

The SWAMI GPS WATCH must help you get super-accurate yardages all over the course … plus give you additional useful information … or we’ll give you a full and prompt refund. No questions asked. 

If you’re not totally happy with the SWAMI GPS WATCH, email the customer service team at and you’ll receive simple refund instructions … including how to return the SWAMI GPS WATCH if you decide it’s not for you.

You must be totally delighted with the SWAMI GPS WATCH or you receive a full, prompt, and courteous refund. No questions asked. 

*GOLFPASS Members are protected by the 365-Day Guarantee

A Simple Decision to Make …

Right now, you have a simple decision to make. You can guess about yardages when you’re on the golf course … and “leak” shots every time you play. 


OR … 


You can try the SWAMI GPS WATCH risk-free. You’ll find it’s … 

  • Super-accurate 
  • Super-affordable 
  • Easy to use 
  • Convenient and full-featured … also giving you additional information about your game and the course you’re playing. 

Plus, it will help you shoot lower scores by giving you the correct yardages whenever you play. 

And one more thing … you’ll get a super-low price on the SWAMI GPS WATCH but ONLY through Revolution Golf. 


To Great Golf All the Time … 


Justin Tupper 
Revolution Golf 


P.S. Here’s one more thing I like the most about the SWAMI GPS WATCH … it gives you all the information you need … front … the middle … back … and how far you just hit a shot. It makes it super-easy to get just the information you need to shoot lower scores. 

Just attach SWAMI GPS WATCH to your wrist or belt loop and you’re good to go. 

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