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The Stability Shaft delivers your putter face squarer at impact so your putts stay more on line … every time.

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  • 56% of players tested said the Stability Shaft IMMEDIATELY improved their putting.
  • Replaces 50-year-old putter shaft technology.
  • The latest breakthrough from Barney Adams, founder of Adams Golf, inventor of the "Tight Lies" club, and one of the top innovators in the game.
  • Can be placed into virtually ANY putter by ANY installer.
  • Improved feel without needing to change your stroke.
  • 100% legal with USGA and R&A rules
The Stability Shaft from Breakthrough Golf Technology. It solves a huge 50-year old problem with putters.

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Hi There Revolution Golfers:

I had a “slap-the-forehead” moment the other day.

Let me explain.

Technology has come to golf in a huge way. Everything from rangefinders to golf balls … and from drivers to shot tracking.

But there’s ONE part of golf that has not changed for FIFTY years … that’s right FIFTY YEARS!

What’s that?

(Here’s where you can slap your forehead, too.)


So …

Here’s the Problem … TWISTING AT IMPACT

Traditional putter shafts twist and flex during your stroke -- that makes it hard for you to return your putter face back to square at impact ... and that causes inconsistent direction and distance control ... which in turn causes missed putts.

Think about it: the shaft in your putter is a thin, hollow metal pipe … attached to the putter at the head or hosel. It's same "technology” (or lack thereof) that’s been used for OVER 50 years!

That was fine when putter heads used to be much smaller and lighter, BUT today’s putter heads are much, much larger and heavier.

The result?

You now have the heaviest part of the putter attached to the weakest part of the putter shaft, causing flexion and torsion (twisting) of the putter head at impact, making it extremely hard to return and keep the putter face square at impact … EVEN WHEN YOU MAKE A SOLID STROKE.

Watch this 10-Second Video to See What I Mean...

Do you see the putter face twist open because the shaft was not stable? 

When you can't get the putter face back to square at the moment of truth -- at IMPACT -- you will MISS PUTTS.


One of Golf’s Great Innovators Has Solved this Problem

Remember Barney Adams? He was the founder of Adams Golf and he also invented those awesome “Tight Lies” clubs that FINALLY made it easy to hit fairway woods. He also made other great clubs.

After selling Adams Golf to TaylorMade, Barney Adams turned his attention to improving “old school” putter shafts and created an all-new putter shaft using the latest technology. After all, driver and iron shafts are packed with technology these days, and putter shafts had been largely ignored.

The new putter shaft is called THE STABILITY SHAFT and it’s now available to Revolution Golfers.

Now … let’s take a look at THE STABILITY SHAFT in more detail.

Introducing THE STABILITY SHAFT … The Putter Shaft FINALLY Gets a Much-Needed Overhaul … And It Will Immediately Help You Sink More Putts and Improve Your Distance Control …

Let’s go ‘under the hood’ with THE STABILITY SHAFT and start with a short video (35 seconds) to understand more about THE STABILITY SHAFT.

THE STABILITY SHAFT has four elements to the technology.

ONE. Torque Reduction.

Eight layers of high modulus carbon fiber are layered, wrapped, and widened … using a notepaper design that greatly reduces torque at impact. This keeps putts straight on line.

TWO. Reinforced Flexural Rigidity.

Through finite element analysis, a lightweight 22 gram aluminum insert was developed and precisely located to reinforce flexural rigidity. No more putter face twisting at impact.

THREE. Increased Versatility.

A 7075 aluminum connector helps to reinforce the shaft. This versatility allows attachment to any tip diameter of any putter, regardless of the bend profile. This means THE STABILITY SHAFT will work with 99.9999% of all putters.

FOUR. Protection.

The tempered steel tips on THE STABILITY SHAFT have extremely consistent wall thicknesses and are chrome plated to add further protection from corrosion and rust.

Let’s look inside THE STABILITY SHAFT.

The goals of THE STABILITY SHAFT are to …

  • Provide rock-solid stability at impact so the putter face stays square and putts stay on line (so you make more putts!)
  • Improve your feel and consistency vs. a traditional putter shaft.
  • Give you a tighter launch range at impact for more predictable roll and better distance control (fewer 3-putts!)
  • Take the unknown variable of the traditional steel putter shaft out of the “putting equation,” allowing you to gain consistency with your putting.
  • Massively improve the performance of ANY putter.

To discover more about The Stability Shaft, watch the short videos below. Click the PLAY button right now.

Does it Improve Top Putter Brands? (24 Seconds)

Why Hasn't This Been Done Before? (35 Seconds)

The Stability Shaft eliminates twisting and flexing, allowing you to consistently return your putter face to square at impact, resulting in STRAIGHTER putts.

The Stability Shaft creates a tighter launch angle at impact for a more predictable roll and more consistent DISTANCE CONTROL.

The Stability Shaft connects to your existing putter shaft allowing you to use your favorite putter... just with better results!

No matter the putter, re-shafting it with The Stability Shaft will improve its performance.

Goals met? Take a look …

Technology Proves THE STABILITY SHAFT Works

In the development of THE STABILITY SHAFT, Barney Adams and his team extensively tested its performance using state-of-the-art high-speed cameras, robots, Quintic Ball Roll software, SAM Putt Lab, and Trackman4.

And here’s what Jim Mackay, president of OnePutt Enterprises, Inc., said

Traditional putter shafts are inherently inconsistent and can limit how well you can perform. You may have been told that your steel shaft is as good as it needs to be, but it isn’t nearly as good as it could be. The stability shaft removes inconsistencies that current putter shafts have, and it helps compensate for mistakes all golfers make. It will help unleash your full putting potential. Based upon my work in the testing and development of putters, along with my coaching of tour players, I have been recommending my players use a stiffer shaft in their putters for over 15 years. I can say without reservation, the stability shaft far exceeds any shaft available.

-- Jim Mackay, president, OnePutt Enterprises

OnePutt Enterprises is the premier independent putter testing and consulting company. It’s at the forefront in advancing ideal testing methodologies for putters, developing improvements in putter face technology, putter head design, and shaft technologies.

Take a look at the testing results below.

Stability vs. Steel

Toe-Heel Velocity Analysis At 2500 Frames/Sec

  • Causes almost no oscillation
  • Evidence of how much more stable the Stability shaft is

  • Causes wild oscillation
  • Evidence of how weak and unstable a steel putter shaft is, even on center strikes

Result … stability of the putter face at impact to help you sink more putts. Putts stay on the intended line more consistently.

Want More Proof? More and More Touring Pros are Using the Stability Shaft ... WITHOUT BEING PAID FOR IT!

You’ll find THE STABILITY SHAFT on the PGA, LPGA, Champions, and European tours … used by people who rely on their putters to generate income.

But the most impressive part is, these tour pros are switching to and using the Stability Shaft … WITHOUT being paid for it!

They're switching because the Stability Shaft is helping them MAKE MORE PUTTS!

Fortunately, THE STABILITY SHAFT is now available to regular golfers like you and me, too, and it can improve our putting the same way it has for the best players in the World.

Check out what people are saying...


There’s been plenty of praise for THE STABILITY SHAFT from the MEDIA...

Barney Adams is back with a unique putter shaft you have to see.

- Golf Digest 

Delivers results for golfers of all skill levels.

- Golfwrx

Instantly made me a better putter.

- Into the Grain

Best product of 2018. 

- Golf Aficionado Magazine

Made more putts, more often. 

- Golf Unfiltered

Stability is a stroke of genius. 

- Armchair Sports 

Lives up to its claims and more.

- Amateur Golf 

Once you go to Stability, you don’t go back.

- Equipment Insider 

Translated to fewer putts.

- Golf Balled 

Superior consistency.

- Plugged-In Golf 

Stability was noticeably better.

- Travel & Golf 

...And regular golfers like you and me are LOVING the STABILITY SHAFT, too! 

Immediate results...highly recommended no matter what level you play on.

- Carlos Brown 

Stability can help anybody...I'm always closer to the hole.

- Joe Edland

Putted better than I have in years.

- Scott McCloy

Took at least five strokes off my game.

- Becky Horne

Best new piece of equipment introduced in the last 20 years...Feedback and results are immediate.

- C. Deleon

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10 Reasons You’ll Immediately Love THE STABILITY SHAFT

I’m really impressed with THE STABILITY SHAFT … and here’s why …

  • With a stable putter face at IMPACT, putts will start and stay straighter … meaning you can sink more putts, more often.
  • Can be installed in most putters from the last 30 years … and GUARANTEED to make any putter PERFORM BETTER
  • Trusted by pros on all the major tours … thanks to the Stability Shaft technology and improved putting performance.
  • Created by Barney Adams and his team … known for innovations that have changed the game and truly work for every skill level!
  • Consistently returns the putter face back to square at impact, resulting in fewer putts being pushed or pulled off line
  • Fewer three-putts due to the consistent speed and distance control.
  • SOLID & SUPERIOR FEEL … giving you greater stability and touch throughout the putting stroke.
  • Easy to install into your putter … take to any pro shop or golf store or send your putter to the BGT Studio
  • Square face at impact = consistent speed and distance control = more made putts = lower handicap...FAST!

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  • RG Exclusive Offer
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The Revolution Golf 100% Playability Guarantee

Your Stability Shaft is backed by a 1-year warranty AND by our 100% PLAYABILITY GUARANTEE.

THE STABILITY SHAFT must immediately help you sink more putts. So, if you’re not totally delighted for any reason … or no reason … we will refund the purchase price.

If you want to return the shaft, simply contact our customer service team within 30 days of purchase.

Simply call The Revolution Golf customer service team at 1-844-228-7437 and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund. No hassles. No silly forms to fill out. No questions asked.

So you get to try the Stability Shaft … completely risk-free.

Now You Have a Simple Decision to Make

You can struggle with your putting … seeing off-center putts drift away from the correct line …

OR …

You can get your putts tracking more directly at the target … by adding THE STABILITY SHAFT to your golfing arsenal.

We know you’ll make the right decision … PLUS … you’ll get the lowest price ANYWHERE!

To Great Golf All the Time …

Justin Tupper
Founder and CEO
Revolution Golf

P.S. Putting is 46% of your strokes, so the Stability Shaft can immediately make HUGE improvements to your score. Just install it in your favorite putter and start enjoying more holed putts and tap ins. It's so good, it should probably be against the rules, but it's not. It's 100% legal with USGA and R&A rules!

P.P.S. You absolutely MUST take advantage of this special offer RIGHT NOW. Why? Because we only have a limited number of STABILITY SHAFTS available for this promotion. And tens of thousands of golfers like you are reading this web page. So act now!

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  • RG Exclusive Offer
  • Stability Shaft
  • Retail Price: $199.99
  • You Pay Only: $177
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