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The SWING ALIGN from pro teacher Allen Strand … created with help from pros like Gil Morgan, Vijay Singh, Ernie Els, and Henrik Stenson.

  • Used by Top PGA Tour Teachers 
  • FEEL A Perfectly Connected Swing … The Key to Consistency PLUS Effortless Power
  • Get Aligned Square Every Time For Accuracy
  • Maximize Your Distance With Every Club
  • Super-Easy To Use … Makes the Complex Really Simple …
  • Lefty … Righty … Seniors … Women … Juniors … Beginners … Low Handicappers

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Dear Revolution Golfer …

You know how it goes. You hit a fantastic shot … right in the sweet spot … right at the target … maximum distance.

But then … the next shot isn’t exactly your best. And the results are not good. Ouch.

And you think … why can’t I hit the ball really well ALL the time?

“Why do I hit the ball so beautifully one minute … and then so horribly the next? Why can’t I be consistent?” You ask.

As you know …

It’s All About Consistency … For Maximum Fun Playing Golf …

Whenever I speak with Revolution Golfers … which is pretty much every day … here’s what I hear …

“Justin … I want more distance. But what I really want the most is CONSISTENCY. I want to hit good and great shots over and over. And I don’t want my misses flying straight into that gator-infested swamp. At least keep my misses in play.”

As a result, we have built pretty much everything here at Revolution Golf around helping you find that all-important consistency.

And when I find something that will help Revolution Golfers gain consistency, I’m especially excited to share what I found.

Well … I’m really excited about the SWING ALIGN golf training aid. It’s now available to Revolution Golfers everywhere.

I will describe the SWING ALIGN in a minute … but first, let me describe …

2 Moves That Kill Consistency … Rob You Of Power … and Cause A Lot of Problems …

Golf teachers will tell you there are TWO “swing killers” they see all the time.

PROBLEM ONE. Alignment. It’s really simple. Get your entire body correctly aligned and you can start to enjoy super-consistent ball striking. This means your ball will fly straight at your intended target over and over. NOT getting aligned correctly is also a way to leak power. Don’t beat yourself up. Getting aligned correctly and consistently is never easy … unless you have something to get you aligned correctly every time.

PROBLEM TWO. Not connecting the arms and body. When the arms and torso are not working together, you leak power plus you lose accuracy and consistency. BUT … when the arms and torso are working in unison, you get power transferring from the super-powerful muscles of the core … right to your arms and hands and down the club to the golf ball. Every low-handicapper and professional golfer keeps the arms in perfect connection with the big muscles of the legs and torso. Thus it’s VITAL to develop a move in YOUR swing that keeps the arms, hands, and big muscles working in harmony.

I know … I know … I know …

Maybe You’ve Heard All This Before … Then Why Can’t You Fix These Problems?

One thing I know about Revolution Golfers. You love and know the game and you’re super-smart. So … you probably know about the swing “issues” I just detailed above.

But why can’t you fix these issues and improve your swing … and your game?

The answer is pretty simple … to improve you must FEEL the correct moves.

Some golfers learn and improve by watching instruction. Some golfers learn by listening to teachers and implementing the correct motions and moves.

But most golfers learn by FEELING the correct moves … it’s almost always the fastest and most effective way to learn.

This explains why I’m always looking for the world’s top training aids … training aids that help you FEEL the correct swing sequence … that help you FEEL how to stay connected … that help you FEEL correct alignment.

One of these training aids? The SWING ALIGN.

How the SWING ALIGN Helps You FEEL The Correct Moves in Your Golf Swing

The SWING ALIGN is a golf training aid created to solve the “typical” golf swing mistakes by helping you FEEL the correct moves in the golf swing.

To see the SWING ALIGN in action, watch these videos.

Hit the play button now.

The SWING ALIGN helps you see and feel the correct movements in the golf swing.

Use the SWING ALIGN for just 15 minutes a day and you will feel …

  • Correct alignment for accuracy.
  • Solid rotation of the torso … engaging the most powerful muscles in the legs and core for maximum power every time you play.
  • Correct synchronization of the backswing and down swing.
  • A more repeatable set up and swing.
  • Short game accuracy and alignment.
  • And more …

The SWING ALIGN is made from top-quality materials and will last for decades. It’s also an excellent warm-up device to get you ready before you get out there on the golf course.

Where It All Starts … In the Backswing …

Let’s get back to consistency.

When you have problems with your backswing, it’s really hard to be consistent.

When your backswing is technically correct, it’s really EASY to be more consistent.

You must have a fundamentally sound backswing if you want to deliver the club to the ball correctly at impact time and time again.

The SWING ALIGN will help you feel the correct backswing … specifically the correct rotation in the backswing.

Even better …

The SWING ALIGN Helps You With One of Golf’s Great Mysteries

Yes … the SWING ALIGN helps you with the correct backswing. But … it also helps with the correct synchronization in the downswing.

It’s one of the great mysteries in golf … how to start that downswing. Right?

But with help from the SWING ALIGN, you will feel how to ‘uncoil’ correctly. Use the SWING ALIGN and you can gain a balanced and perfectly connected swing … for accuracy and maximum power.

The Swing Align is super-simple to use and comes ready to go right out of the box. Choose from the STANDARD BUNDLE (shown above) or the PRO BUNDLE shown below.

The Swing Align gets you FEELING the correct alignment. Vital for consistency and accuracy.

Hit actual balls with the Swing Align. Feel correct rotation and the power that comes from using the arms, core, and upper body together.

Use the SWING ALIGN with your teacher or by yourself to FEEL the correct rotation … on-plane and totally accurate every time.

Use For Your Short Game Too …

You can use the SWING ALIGN with pitching, chipping, sand play, and even putting. Just follow the simple instructions and start to be more accurate with your short game.

PLUS … you can feel the correct rotation and “power connection” that’s super-important in your short game … and your full swing.

You can use the SWING ALIGN with your short game, including putting.

Develop YOUR Golf Swing … And Hit Great Shots Over and Over …

Look at the major tours and you’ll see a lot of different golf swings. That’s because we’re all different shapes and sizes. Jim Furyk has his swing. Justin Rose has a very different swing.

The SWING ALIGN works for many different types and styles of swings. But it really helps with the two fundamentals of power and consistency.

#1 - Getting lined up correctly before you hit a shot.

#2 - Generating power from the legs and core … with additional power from correct rotation of the torso.

The SWING ALIGN Helps With Something Else That’s Super-Important For Consistency …

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time behind a desk. And you probably spend a lot of time in a car, plane, or commuting.

The SWING ALIGN improves your range of movement and flexibility … both are vital for power and consistency. Just use the SWING ALIGN for a few minutes a day to improve your range of motion.

You can hit balls with the SWING ALIGN or you can use the SWING ALIGN indoors.

With help from the SWING ALIGN, you can gain that all-important consistency … achieved by staying connected through the swing. 

And BAM … you’re getting to that perfect impact position over and over.

The Connection Between the Arms and The Power-Muscles of the Torso and Core … And What It Means for You …

To make consistently great contact with the ball, your arms and torso must be connected and in the correct sequence.

Here’s what happens when the arms, shoulders, and core are NOT connected.

  • When the arms move ahead of the torso, you can slice, pull the ball, and hit the ball thin.
  • When the arms are behind the torso, you can push the ball and hit nasty duck hooks.

So … when the arms, hands, and core are working together, GREAT THINGS HAPPEN in your golf swing and your game.

You will start to …

  • Make crisp contact with your irons CONSISTENTLY.
  • Hit a slight – and powerful – draw … instead of a weak fade.
  • Maximize your distance with irons, hybrids, and wedges …
  • Control your distances with your wedges … leaving you with short putts.

Get connected and you will start to enjoy a totally different type of golf.

The Real – and Surprising – Source of Power in Your Swing

Effortless power in the golf swing does not come just from the arms. If that were the case, we could just swing with the arms and that would be that. Real power in the golf swing comes from the core muscles in the upper legs, hips, lower back, and abdomen.

But you can’t hold a golf club with your core …

So …

To maximize your power, you have to get those super-strong core muscles connected to your arms. In other words, everything has to be synchronized.

“Synchronization” is one reason a slim teenage girl golfer can smash the ball 40 yards past a big muscular guy. The girl golfer is in synch … the big guy is not.

The power in your car comes from the engine. But you only go fast because the engine is connected to the wheels.


The SWING ALIGN means your arms are connected to the power muscles of the torso and core.

Result? You can max out your distance.

How to Use the SWING ALIGN

Using the SWING ALIGN is super-easy.

Step 1

Add the SWING ALIGN to your golfing arsenal by clicking the orange button now. You’ll get the lowest price we’ve seen. Choose from the PRO BUNDLE or the STANDARD BUNDLE.

Step 2

Adjust the SWING ALIGN for your body type.

Step 3    

Get lined up to the target with the two alignment rods.

Step 4

Make a backswing and get the upper alignment rod perpendicular to the alignment rod on the ground.

Step 5

Now make your swing.

Step 6

Enjoy strong, crisply-struck shots with every club.

For Consistent ALIGNMENT … set up square to the target every time simply by looking down at the alignment rod. Rehearse your set-up position to build the all-important visual memory you can take to the golf course.


Even better, in addition to alignment, the front-to-back tilt of the alignment rod indicates the proper spine angle. Result? You’re set up for success before you even hit a shot.

For Consistent and Powerful ROTATION … The alignment rod makes it easy to see how much you’ve rotated at the top of the backswing.

When the rod gets to perpendicular to the target line you know you’ve rotated your body correctly. The alignment rod also shows correct swing plane.

When the rod is parallel to the ground or pointed down slightly, you’ve maintained your posture and stayed on the correct swing plane.

For Consistent CONNECTION Between Upper and Lower Body … The SWING ALIGN keeps the arms and body connected during the swing to create power and accuracy. The adjustable connection belt, in the PRO BUNDLE AND THE STANDARD BUNDLE guides your movement and keeps your arms and body synchronized while rotating. The connection belt helps you develop the muscle memory so your body correctly brings your arms back to the top and through the swing to the follow through.

The SWING ALIGN will help with irons, driver, hybrids, fairway woods, wedges … every club in your arsenal.

And, of course, you can use the SWING ALIGN pretty much anywhere … range … golf course … basement … garage … living room …

You will quickly develop a fully-connected golf swing and understand the importance of alignment for every shot.

Start to Use the SWING ALIGN And Say “Good Bye” to These Swing Faults

Swing the SWING ALIGN for just 15 minutes a day, a few times a week and you can fix these common problems.

  • Chicken Wing
  • Slicing
  • Hosel-rockets
  • Hooks
  • Pushes
  • Pulls
  • Fat shots
  • Thin Shots
  • Weak shots
  • Poor pitches and chips


Here’s What You Receive With the SWING ALIGN STANDARD BUNDLE 

  • Flexible cuff assemblies
  • Standard cushioned pads
  • Adjustable connection belt
  • One long alignment rod
  • Two short rod extensions
  • Additional thick cushioned pads
  • Swing Junction puck

Here’s what you receive
with the PRO BUNDLE 

  • Flexible cuff assemblies in standard and XL
  • Cushioned pads … standard and XL
  • Adjustable connection belts
  • Three long alignment rods
  • Six short rod extensions
  • Swing Junction puck
  • Additional thick cushioned pads, standard and XL
  • Pro Bundle perfects the rotation and syncs the upper AND lower body
  • Pro Bundle hones long game PLUS short game and putting
  • Pro Bundle contains XL cuffs sized for legs, large biceps, or thicker clothing/jackets

Choose your model below.

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What’s the difference?

The SWING ALIGN STANDARD BUNDLE will help with accuracy and consistency … so will the PRO BUNDLE. But it’s the PRO BUNDLE that helps you gain maximum distance and improve your short game

The SWING ALIGN PRO BUNDLE helps you get your arms and body totally connected ... VITAL when you want to get maximum power in your game for maximum distance.

So let me give you …

43 Reasons You Will LOVE the SWING ALIGN … And Want to Add This to Your Golfing Arsenal …

  • Gain consistency … FINALLY fix the swing problems that are keeping you from improving …
  • Making the complex simple … no technical mumbo-jumbo. Just start using the SWING ALIGN and FEEL the correct moves.
  • More distance off the tee … 10-35 yards … totally realistic.
  • More distance with every club … shortening the golf course and making it easier to hit greens in regulation.
  • A more athletic golf swing because you’re feeling the correct rotation every time.
  • More accurate shots … more often. Because the SWING ALIGN helps you set up correctly to the target.
  • Hit real balls with the SWING ALIGN to speed up improvement.
  • Improves your putting and short game too … especially with correct alignment.
  • Perfect for beginners who want to get started the right way.
  • Perfect for more accomplished and experienced golfers who want to improve even more and maintain those super-solid fundamentals.
  • Faster improvement because practice is focused on what works.
  • Use in your pre-round warm up so you start playing great golf from the first hole.
  • Used by top touring professionals plus top golf teachers.
  • Created by a PGA teaching professional … and finally available to everyone.
  • Discover how to FEEL the correct moves in the golf swing … this can an easier way to learn than by watching or listening.
  • Super-simple to use … takes 35 seconds to adjust and then you’re using the SWING ALIGN. The SWING ALIGN fits every golfer.
  • Maximum power … because you’re engaging the ‘big’ muscles of your core and legs in your golf swing.
  • Improve pretty much anywhere you can swing a club … and use with your golf teacher for fast feedback and improvement.
  • FINALLY a solution for the three “swing killers” … including poor alignment, incorrect rotation, and “disconnection” between arms and body.
  • FINALLY discover how to make the correct moves in the swing … including the powerful rotation of the torso … correct plane … plus the correct synchronization to your swing … for accuracy and maximum power.
  • Durable for years of use … the SWING ALIGN is made from top-quality materials.
  • Perfect for every golfer … juniors … seniors … lefties … righties … accomplished golfers … beginners … and everyone in between.
  • Expands range of motion … especially important when you want to maintain and increase distance.
  • Feel a perfect backswing … extremely important for consistency.
  • Left-handed and right-handed.
  • Proven to work with a wide variety of golfers.
  • Get the results you know you can achieve …crisp contact with your irons … a slight – and powerful – draw … instead of weak fades … maximize your distance with all clubs.
  • Wave “good bye” to common swing faults like slicing, topping, hooks, pushes, and pulls.
  • Enjoy piercing and penetrating tour-quality iron shots.
  • Dramatically improve your accuracy with every club in your bag.
  • Start to generate impressive clubhead speed for maximum distance … because power is coming from your big muscles.
  • Automatically make the correct moves with your upper body – without thinking about your upper body.
  • Stay Connected at impact … a crucial move for pure ball striking.
  • Shoot lower scores with a bulletproof swing and short game – because your arms and “engine” are working in beautiful harmony.
  • Enjoy “sweet spot” contact … a key to reducing your handicap.
  • It fits in your golf bag … and weighs next to nothing.
  • No need to “muscle” the ball which gives you serious consistency.
  • Understand perfect path, shallow angle of attack, and solid swing mechanics with no technical language.
  • Say goodbye to “casting” and those weak “over-the-top” moves that lead to weak shots and slicing.
  • Join the ranks of the “elite” ball strikers who make hitting the ball look automatic.
  • Play superbly in any conditions … and on any course because you’re in the correct positions throughout the swing.
  • Much stronger ball flight … for more aggressive shots into greens … and more distance.
  • The lowest price we’ve seen … the ultra-low price … way below retail … click the orange button now.

Before revealing the special price we can offer Revolution Golfers I want you to meet …

Golfers and Teachers Who LOVE the SWING ALIGN

The SWING ALIGN is currently used by many of the world’s top teachers including Michael Breed, Cameron McCormick, Peter Kostis, and Jake Thurm.

It’s also used by numerous touring professionals on all the tours.

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The SWING ALIGN is protected by …

Revolution Golf provides one of the strongest guarantees on the planet. You get 60 days to decide if the SWING ALIGN is for you. In fact, the SWING ALIGN must help you FEEL the correct motion through the ball or you get a full refund.

If you’re not happy for any reason, or no reason, simply call The Revolution Golf customer service team at 888-388-7155 and you’ll receive a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked.

That’s right…if SWING ALIGN does not help you gain the correct feel for powerful shots with every club, you get your money back.

Powerful Contact or Weak Contact … The Choice is Yours …

Right now, you have a simple decision to make. You can struggle with all the usual problems golfers face, including weak contact …

OR …

You can try the SWING ALIGN risk-free and finally FEEL what a solid golf swing feels like.

The SWING ALIGN can totally transform a golf swing … quickly and easily.

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To a Lifetime of Great Golf…

Justin Tupper
Founder and CEO
Revolution Golf

P.S. Here’s what you can expect soon after you start to use the SWING ALIGN…

  • Better alignment, rotation and connection. 
  • 15-35 yards extra distance with your driver.
  • Penetrating irons that put you in a position to score.
  • You will save 3-6 shots around the greens.
  • Stronger putting.
  • You can fix those nagging problems that are keeping you from reaching your full potential.
  • Make “sweet spot” contact every time you practice and play.

It’s a “no-brainer” bargain. And if you’re not completely satisfied, you get a full and complete refund. 

P.P.S. You’ll definitely see pros around the world working HARD on the all-important move the SWING ALIGN helps you achieve. So get your SWING ALIGN now. Click the button below.


Order Product Name
  • Swing Align
  • Retail Price: 139.95
  • You Pay Only: $117
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  • Members Save $7.00
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  • RG Exclusive Offer
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