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The Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119 Hybrids … Trusted by Touring Professionals Like Scott McCarron and Tom Lehman …

The CBX 119 Hybrids from Tour Edge:

  • The ONLY Titanium hybrids available
  • Super-affordable … up to 54% OFF for a limited time!
  • Excellent performance from every lie for more consistency
  • Packed with super-powerful technology … but WITHOUT the huge price tag.
  • Super-popular on The Champions Tour … and Other Tours …
  • Perfect replacements for long irons.

ONLY available through this special and exclusive offer.

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From the Desk of Justin Tupper, Founder of Revolution Golf. 

Dear Revolution Golfer …

Got Titanium?

Probably “YES” in your driver.


You know the answer … you get the ultimate in distance, consistency, and raw power from titanium.

But it’s extremely rare to see titanium in hybrids (until now).


You’d think that every golf club maker would use titanium in every hybrid they make. So …

Let Me Give You The Reason You Don’t See Titanium in Hybrids …

Titanium gives you big advantages but it’s rarely seen in hybrids for 3 reasons.

  1. It can be expensive (not the case with the CBX 119 Hybrids). 
  2. You need a special design to make it work in Hybrids ... this takes a lot of time and talent. 
  3. You can get decent results just using steel ... but you'll get much, much stronger results with titanium. 

Thankfully, our good friends at Tour Edge decided to produce a titanium hybrid so you gain all the massive benefits of titanium … more distance, accuracy, consistency, precision, and raw power.

And they found a way to make it super-affordable … PLUS it’s up to 54% off recommended retail for this promotion.

The result is the Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119 Hybrids.

Here’s the deal … for the cost of a top steel hybrid, you can get a the titanium Tour Edge Exotics TITANIUM CBX 119 Hybrid.

And for this offer, you can save up to 54% off the retail.

The full technical details are below … plus the low price … but first …

Want Proof These Titanium Hybrids Work? Ask Scott McCarron, Tom Lehman, and Many Other Touring Pros …

You’ll find Tour Edge clubs on all the tours. They’re especially popular on the Champions Tour where they’ve helped those over-50s earn millions in prize money.

There are several players who insist on the Tour Edge CBX 119 Hybrids.

  • Tom Lehman has won with the Tour Edge CBX 119.
  • No. 1 Scott McCarron has won THREE TIMES with CBX 119 in 2019.

In fact, Tour Edge clubs have 19 Top 5 finishes in 2019.

And since 2018, 75 different pros have put over 500 CBX clubs into play, leading to …

  • 12 wins
  • 12 runner-up finishes
  • Over 50 Top-5 finishes
  • More than 90 Top-10 finishes on the PGA Tours

Not too shabby! And it’s pure proof the CBX 119 Titanium Hybrids perform as advertised.

And here’s Scott McCarron talking about Tour Edge CBX 119 clubs.

What’s Happening With Hybrids Today

What’s the “secret weapon” used by tour pros and accomplished amateurs? Their hybrids.

What do they use them for in today’s game?

  • Hitting the fairway from the tee on tight and/or short holes.
  • Hitting greens in two shots on long par-5s.
  • Recovery shots on long par-4s.
  • Flag-hugging shots on really long par-3s.

Pros want hybrids with distance, accuracy, forgiveness, and a consistent ball flight … exactly what Revolution Golfers want.

The same technology that pros get in their drivers is now available in hybrids … everything from space-age materials to exotic shafts … including Titanium with the CBX 119 Hybrids.

But …

There’s One Problem With All This Technology … And Our Friends at TOUR EDGE Solved This Problem …

All this hybrid technology is really fun. It helps tour players. It helps college players. And it also helps ‘recreational’ golfers … men and women of all ages.

BUT … the price tag has shot up … with some steel hybrids from certain companies costing upwards of $300. That’s a lot for a hybrid … especially if you want a couple of them to replace a 3-iron and/or 4-iron.

FORTUNATELY … our friends at Tour Edge solved this problem. David Glod and his team said, “we’re going to find a way to provide golfers with a TON of great technology … and give golfers TITANIUM hybrids with a sensible price so that EVERYONE can enjoy these.”

And now they’re available for up to 54% off retail.

Tour Edge has become a leading golf company by giving golfers AWESOME products at great prices. In fact, whenever we give Revolution Golfers the opportunity to get Tour Edge clubs, the clubs don’t last long. THEY SELL OUT FAST.

Revolution Golfers LOVE Tour Edge clubs.

So …

We’re Super-Excited to Bring You the Power of The Tour Edge CBX 119 TITANIUM Hybrids … For a Super-Low Price …

Tour Edge contacted us about the Tour Edge CBX 119 TITANIUM Hybrids and said, “we want to make our latest hybrid technology available to Revolution Golfers.”

And, of course, we said, “YES! Bring ‘em on!”

Even better, Tour Edge is making these special hybrids available at up to 54% off retail.

So let’s take a look at the Exotics CBX 119 Hybrids in detail … they’re packed with ALL the latest technology … including titanium. These are the ONLY titanium hybrids available on the planet.

Here’s How Tour Edge Achieved “The Impossible.”

Tour Edge CBX 119 hybrids give you an advanced beta titanium face. The designers at Tour Edge made it thinner and stronger to give you maximum distance plus control. This club is the only hybrid to give you a titanium face, stainless steel body, and carbon fiber sole. This gives you excellent distance plus epic sound and feel.

CARBON COMPOSITE SOLE … Makes Titanium Possible … And Affordable …
The Tour Edge CBX 119 hybrid has a carbon sole which means more weight can be placed closer to the face for additional power plus that all-important lower spin. It also means titanium is placed where it needs to be … in the face … and this reduces the cost while giving you massive power.

The variable face thickness (VFT) in the Tour Edge CBX 119 hybrids means the face has slightly different thicknesses with one goal … give you maximum forgiveness on those rare off-center strikes.

SPEED RAMP SOLE … Makes it Easy to Hit Off EVERY Lie …
The Speed Ramp Sole on the CBX 119 clubs minimizes turf interaction to maintain maximum club head speed through impact. The ‘ramp’ on the Speed Ramp Sole extracts the ball from the turf. The chrome stainless steel wings in a “horseshoe” shape expand the sweet spot for more forgiveness.

This special design also helps create higher MOI (moment of inertia) and center of gravity (CG) for additional precision and forgiveness.

It also makes the CBX 119 super-easy to hit off every lie.

More penetrating ball flight for more distance plus a look preferred by top players.

Order Product Name
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  • $147
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  • Members Save $10
  • $498
  • $247
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  • Members Save $10
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The Tour Edge CBX 119 Titanium Hybrids are available in the following lofts.


The Tour Edge CBX 119 Hybrids give you an wide range of lofts for every possible distance scenario.

They also give you the best gaps for shots off the tee and/or shots from the fairway or rough. You get 6-8 yards between each loft. This means a 36-48 yard distance range from 16° to 22°.

Result? Get the hybrids that best suit your game and distance preferences.

Features Super-Premium Stock Shafts

For this promotion, we’ve got True Temper Project X EvenFlow Blue shaft in the Regular and Stiff flex… EvenFlow’s revolutionary “even” bend profile features a mid-spin and mid-launch profile. The Senior flex comes in the super high performance Mitsubishi Tensei Blue shaft.


Tour Edge Exotics are the “best of the best” clubs from Tour Edge … top design … top materials … best shafts … everything is the finest and best quality available.

It’s one reason so many players on all the tours trust Tour Edge and specifically the Tour Edge 119 CBX hybrids.

Technology Gives You Confidence from

One of the keys to success with your hybrids is hitting great shots from every lie.

The CBX 119 will help you with …

  • Tight lies …
  • Normal fairway lies …
  • Deep rough …
  • Divots …
  • Hardpan …
  • Off the tee …
  • Every lie you face on the golf course …

Take On The Shots That You Need to Take On …

We talk a lot about driving the ball. We talk a lot about putting. We talk a lot about the short game.

But here’s something you have to remember if you want to shoot lower scores … it helps to be really excellent in the 175-250 yard range.

That’s where your hybrids come in. You’ll have more fun on the golf course when you hit great shots over and over with your Tour Edge CBX 119 Titanium Hybrids.

Never Heard of Tour Edge? Read This Now …

Tour Edge is NOT a company that spends millions on advertising. So Tour Edge is not as well known as the big brands. But you’ve seen them in all the big golf magazines where the equipment editors have raved about the quality and value of Tour Edge equipment … for well over a decade.

The company operates “under the radar” … quietly making some of the world’s most sought-after golf clubs … using only the finest materials coupled with the ultimate in technology, engineering, and design.

Tour Edge started by offering quality clubs at sensible prices. And it built a loyal following. And it’s the same today … excellent quality coupled with super-affordable prices … like you’ll find the CBX Titanium 119 Hybrids.

Excellent Results on the Professional Tours … Week After Week …

Look at the results and the facts from the tours …

  • FedEx Champion
  • 1st Place – Wells Fargo Championship in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Houston Open – Winner
  • Top Ten … Valspar Championship
  • 2nd Place – World Golf Championship – Cadillac
  • Top Ten – Pebble Beach National Pro-Am
  • 2nd Place – Farmers Insurance Open and Allianz Championship
  • Three Top 15 Finishers – U.S. Senior Open (2nd, 5th, and 13th)
  • Top Five – Women’s British Open

Every week – on all the major tours – you’ll find professional golfers using Tour Edge clubs.

World Long-Drive Champion Uses Tour Edge


Maybe you were watching recently … Phillis Meti won the women’s long drive championship using a Tour Edge driver.

Phillis spends her time smashing long drives on the Women’s Long Drive Association Tour. She’s the current world champion and she’s a world record-holder.

She takes a swing and … BOOM … the ball rockets off the clubface.

In a recent event, she smashed a drive 406 yards … and STRAIGHT.

And it’s with a TOUR EDGE club.

Many of The World’s Top Touring Professionals Trust TOUR EDGE

You’ll find Tour Edge clubs on all the major tours. Some players have deals with Tour Edge. Most use Tour Edge clubs without endorsement deals.

Here’s the Tour Edge team.

29 Reasons to Add The Tour Edge CBX 119 Titanium Hybrids to Your Golfing Arsenal

  • The ONLY Titanium hybrids available on the planet … giving you all the benefits of Titanium … power, precision, forgiveness, and more.
  • CONSISTENCY … when you’re a significant distance from the green … not more weak shots with hard-to-hit long irons.
  • No need to change your swing or pump iron … just make your regular swing with the Tour Edge CBX 119 Titanium Hybrids.
  • Super-Solid Shots in the 165 to 250-Yard Range … thanks to all the technology.
  • Makes the game a ton easier … because these hybrids will replace your 3-iron, 4-iron, 5-iron, and even your 6-iron … lots of options so you get the clubs that work best for your game.
  • Long par-3s? No problem … the Tour Edge Tour Edge CBX 119 Titanium Hybrids make it a TON easier to tackle those long par-3s.
  • “Soft Landings” on even the firmest greens … thanks to the construction of these hybrids.
  • More forgiveness with the larger sweet spot and higher MOI … for maximum forgiveness.
  • WORKABILITY … Easy to hit draws and fades.
  • Use off the tee on tight holes … perfect when accuracy is crucial.
  • HIT OFF PRETTY MUCH ANY LIE … perfect lies … hardpan … bunkers … rough … no problem … they work anywhere.
  • Latest technology and totally compliant with USGA and R&A rules.
  • Get the club(s) you want … plenty of options with shafts and lofts.
  • Tour-level quality … Tour Edge clubs are used by touring professionals around the world.
  • Use for short game shots … yes … you can chip with these hybrids.
  • Save at least 6 shots a round because you’re more accurate and staying away from trouble. You can also hit more greens in regulation.
  • Great sound on impact for additional confidence.
  • EASY TO ALIGN which is key for accuracy. Just lay the sole on the ground and you’re square to the target.
  • Simple design preferred by better golfers.
  • Solid feel at impact – for reliable feedback … helps with consistency.
  • PERFECT FOR “REGULAR” GOLFERS who do not have tour-level clubhead speed.
  • 100% Guarantee … thanks to the Revolution Golf Guarantee … one of the top guarantees in the game.
  • Up to 54% OFF retail … a super-low price for a top-quality TITANIUM hybrid ….
  • Easy to get in the air … thanks to the newly-designed face and other technologies.
  • Top-quality materials for superb consistency … the results you deserve for those great shots … and even those not-so-great shots.
  • Huge sweet spot … thanks to the Variable Face Thickness technology and more contact points across the face.
  • Hand-built in the USA … for the quality you’d expect from Tour Edge.
  • Special low price ONLY for revolution golfers. Up to 54% off regular retail. 

What does this mean for your game?

  • You find the fairway instead of the rough … or the green with your approach shots.
  • The course gets a lot shorter.
  • You hit more greens in regulation.
  • You spend less time in bunkers, swamps, ravines, and other hazards.
  • You shoot lower scores because you’re in play more often.
  • You can take on those longer par-3s with confidence.

That’s the power of the Tour Edge CBX 119 Titanium Hybrids.


A number of years ago, I stumbled on to Tour Edge Golf Clubs and became very interested in what I saw. It was by far the best buy I ever made when it comes to golf. I have played two rounds of golf with the new club and again I can not say enough good things about it.

Most golfers with a handicap of 10 or higher could benefit from these clubs. Be brave, buy a club you can hit, not what the pros are playing.

Tour Edge consistently manufactures quality, performance-based clubs which are a good value.

Putting price and item in perspective, it’s a good value. I hit the club solid. It goes the distance I expect. Great Buy.

I love the feel of this club. It’s solid. The design of the club makes it easy to line up.

I've been looking to improve my game and these clubs are great! Consistent set all the way through. Highly recommend!

A Special Low Price ONLY for Revolution Golfers – But HURRY as Supplies are Extremely Limited

UP TO 54% OFF …

We’ve organized a special low price on the Tour Edge CBX 119 Hybrids. It’s the lowest price we’ve seen online for genuine Tour Edge products.

We only have a limited allotment from Tour Edge and tens of thousands of people are seeing this web page. So it’s VITAL you get your Tour Edge CBX 119 Hybrids now.

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WARNING! Only Buy Tour Edge Products from an Authorized Dealer Like Revolution Golf

You might find a lower price for the CBX 119 on an auction site … or “shady” website. Sadly, there are counterfeit Tour Edge clubs in the market.

Revolution Golf is an authorized Tour Edge partner … so you’re getting genuine Tour Edge clubs straight from Tour Edge … at the lowest price we’ve seen.

You take no risk … because you receive …

Every Tour Edge CBX 119 Hybrid we sell through Revolution Golf is protected by the Revolution Golf 100% Playability Guarantee

As with all products offered by Revolution Golf, we offer the Tour Edge CBX 119 Hybrid with a low price plus a 100% PLAYABILITY GUARANTEE!

If the Tour Edge CBX 119 Hybrid fails to give you the distance, playability, and forgiveness you want, you’re protected by the Revolution Golf playability guarantee. If you’re not totally delighted for any reason … or no reason … we will quickly refund your money.

We’re promising the Tour Edge CBX 119 Hybrid will be long … and forgiving … and easy to hit. We back up this promise with a rock-solid 30-day guarantee. If you want to return the club, simply contact our customer service team at customerservice@revolutiongolf.com and you’ll receive simple refund instructions … including how to return the Tour Edge CBX 119 Hybrid if you decide it’s not for you.

Click the button below for the low price ONLY available to Revolution Golfers.

Powerful Shots or Weak Shots … The Choice is Yours …

Right now, you have a simple decision to make. You can live with your woods and never really hit powerful shots … or … you can try the Tour Edge CBX 119 Titanium Hybrids risk-free … and get a special low price … up to 54% off.

To a Lifetime of Great Golf …

Justin Tupper
Revolution Golf

P.S. We only have EXTREMELY limited quantities of the Tour Edge CBX 119 Titanium Hybrids available.

And TENS OF THOUSANDS of Revolution Golfers are seeing this page.

So you MUST act right now to get your new clubs at this special low price.

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