Tasco T2G Slope Laser Rangefinder


Tasco T2G Slope Laser Rangefinder

Tasco T2G Slope Laser Rangefinder

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Product Description

With a range from 5-1,300 yards, "scan" mode for easy targeting, "Play As" distances that account for slope, and a slope button you can toggle on/off for tournament play, the Tasco TG2 Slope laser rangefinder gives you all the important features found in laser rangefinders costing twice as much.     

When you hold the Tasco T2G in your hand, the first thing you'll notice is its comfortable, ergonomic design and rubberized, no-slip grip. It’s easy to hold and it's rain proof. And it includes a CR2 battery and a convenient case that’s a snap to clip to your bag.
Using the Tasco T2G is a snap, too. Just look through the viewfinder and what you see is magnified 6 times, making it really easy to zero-in on your target.
Then, you just press the one main button – EASY! – and you'll get extremely accurate distances down to plus or minus 1 yard. And if you press the "mode" button, you can toggle "Slope adjusted" distances and yards or meters. Everything you see in the LCD readout in the viewfinder is so crisp, clear and easy to read!

Tasco T2G Slope Laser Range Finder Features: 
  • Total range from 5-1,300 yards
  • Measure flags from 300-400 yards
  • Continuous Scan Mode detects targets from backgrounds
  • "Slope Mode" shows uphill/downill "Play As" distances  
  • Accuracy of plus/minus 1 yard
  • 6 times magnification
  • Simple, one-button operation
  • Easy-to-read, in-view LCD yardage readout
  • Near target detection
  • Slope Mode toggles on/off
  • Measures in Yards/Meters
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design with rubber grip
  • Includes battery and carry case



Steve Tucker 7/4/2019 11:18:02 AM
Great rangefinder, especially for the great price! I previously owned another similarly priced one that did not perform nearly as well. The main difference is the vastly superior optics making target acquisition much easier, and the slope feature.

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