Stability Shaft

Breakthrough Golf Technology

Stability Shaft

Stability Shaft

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Product Description

Improve Your Putting Performance.

Breakthrough Golf Technology has revolutionized the putter shaft with advanced technolgy and high quality materials. There are four parts of the Stability shaft that work together to significantly improve putting performance. Stability has the same look, solid feel and weight as traditional steel putter shafts. It will deliver the face squarer at impact for improved accuracy and solid feel and has a lower launch for more predictable roll, resulting in better distance control. It's a perfect synergy of technology and materials to help improve putting performance.


Eight layers of high modulus carbon fiber specifically layered, wrapped and widened, with a notaper design to greatly reduce torque.


Reduced deflection of the putter head through impact. Better distance control. The ball will start roll sooner and more consistently.


A 7075 aluminum connector helps to reinforce. This versatility allows attachment to any tip diameter of any putter, regardless of the bend profile.


The stainless steel tips have extremely consistent wall thicknesses and are chrome plated to add further protection from corrosion and rust.

Technical Specs
Tip Diameter  .355"  .370"  .390" Straight
  .370" Double-bend
Length 37"
Weight 125 gm
Butt Diameter 0.600"
Flex Ultra-stiff

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