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C3i Wedge

C3i Wedge

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Product Description

Escape  EVERY  Bunker  EVERY  TIME  Thanks  to  the  All-New  Design  of  this  Very  Special  Wedge. Plus  Hit  Astonishing  Wedge  Shots  from  Any  Lie  Outside  The  Bunker! The C3i Wedge is packed with the Autoglide Extreme Sole, an extremely wide sole helping you to avoid hitting the ball fat and the bounce is placed to keep the wedge for skidding. In addition the center of gravity on the club is placed low to increase spin helping you hit shots close around the greens.  The C3i wedge will help improve your short game and your sand game!

Key Attributes:
  • Wide  Super-Sole  Makes  it  Super-Easy  to  Escape  Any  Bunker  
  • Hit  Awesome  Wedge  Shots  from  Pretty  Much  Any  Lie  Outside  the  Bunker  
  • Turn  3  Shots  Into  2  Shots  from  50  Yards  and  In  and  Save  4-8  Shots  a  Round
  • No  More  Fat  or  Thin  Shots
  • Fully  Compliant  USGA  and  R&A  
  • Special  Low  Price  Available  ONLY  Through  Revolution  Golf 
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