Martin Chuck Tour Striker Survival Guide (DVD)

Martin Chuck

Martin Chuck Tour Striker Survival Guide (DVD)

Martin Chuck Tour Striker Survival Guide (DVD)

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Product Description

This instructional set from Martin Chuck will help you tackle some of the most difficult shots in golf!  Martin employs on-course instruction to help you become more confident with all aspects of your game.  From reducing the stress on the first tee to how to hit that 60 yard pitch shot over water or bunker, the Tour Striker Survival Guide will help you get to safety and maybe even walk away with birdie!  

Save strokes by getting the Survival Guide Today...
  • Take on the five most feared shots in golf and hit them superbly every time
  • Develop pro-level touch and feel around the greens
  • Understand bounce and how to use it
  • Gain big-time confidence with every club in your bag


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