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Swing Caddie SC200

Swing Caddie SC200

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Product Description

The Swing Caddie SC200 is a personal launch monitor about the size of your smartphone. Simply set it up (it takes about 3 seconds) and hit a few shots. 

You will instantly discover..
-How far you hit the ball with each club (it will "speak" your distance, too!) 
-Your swing speed.
-Your ball speed.
-The all-important "Smash Factor".
-Accuracy to a specific target.

In addition to voice output, the new SC200 provides greater accuracy than the original by factoring in your club lofts and the barometic pressure. It's accuracy that rivals the $20,000 professional models! 

The Swing Caddie SC200 Package Includes: The Swing Caddie SC200 Launch Monitor, Remote Control, and Easy to Follow Instructions. Normally $349.99 get yours for just $247 ONLY through Revolution Golf. 

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ThatGuytheGolfer 11/16/2018 3:52:30 PM
As a low handicap golfer, I'm always looking to improve my game. The Swing Caddie provides great feedback on the range. We're all looking for more distance and accuracy, so why not carry a personal launch monitor with you! Set this device behind you on the range and the feedback well most certainly help you. From smash factor, to carry distance, ball speed and many more metrics, you'll know more about your game than ever before, right on the range. It's small, compact design lets you stash it in your golf back for easy transportation. It even talks to you and comes with a remote! I highly recommend this for any golfer looking to improve their game.

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