Bridgestone Tour Golf Balls


Bridgestone Tour Golf Balls

Bridgestone Tour Golf Balls

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Product Description

Introducing the Bridgestone Tour B XS and Tour B RX golf balls! Add Bridgestone's Tour Golf balls to your game for increased distance and ball-speed, more accuracy and great spin around the greens!  These are the same golf balls used by Top Tour Professionals, including Tiger Woods! The Slip Res Cover and dual dimple technology make for a more stable ball flight meaning longer and straigther drives...more shots from the fairway and lower scores!

Which Ball Should YOU Choose?

My Club Head Speed: Over 105 miles per hour
Golf Ball: Bridgestone Tour B XS

My Club Head Speed: Under 105 miles per hour
Golf Ball: Bridgestone Tour B RX

Key Characteristics

The Bridgestone B XS

is for golfers with high clubhead speeds of over 105

miles per hour. This means you


the ball over 250 yards off the tee.

The Bridgestone B RX

is for golfers with clubhead speeds UNDER 105

miles per hour.

  • 3-Piece  Tour-Caliber  Balls  ...  Used  by  Top  Professionals  
  • Reduced  Side-Spin  for  Straighter  Shots  
  • Super-Fast  Off  the  Driver  for  Maximum  Distance  
  • All  the  Spin  You  Want  for  Excellent  Short-Game  Results  
  • Amazing  Control  Out  of  the  Rough  
  • Special  Low  Price  ONLY  for  Revolution  Golfers 


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