Pyramid Putter Holiday Special

Pyramid Putters

Pyramid Putter Holiday Special

Pyramid Putter Holiday Special

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Product Description

This innovative putter was awarded the Best New Putter at the 2018 PGA Show and it might just be the putter you need to step up your game!  Have you noticed that you are missing putts on the edges left and right.  The Pyramid putter with its pyramid shaped grooves helps to create a gear effect on the ball on off centered hits that helps keep the ball on target toward the hole.  In addition the pyramid alignment lines help to center the ball leading to more putts on line and a uniform grip helps you to have a solid grip and a consistent stroke. This putter comes in 34" and 35" length with 3 different grip size options.

Save 3-5 strokes per round and say goodbye to your 3 putts with the Pyramid Putter
  • Reduce the dispersion from off centered hits...sinking more putts
  • Ensure you have your eyes over the ball with alignment guides
  • Get better feel and consistency from a uniform grip
  • Make your buddies jealous!
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Henry M 11/27/2018 8:25:00 AM
I have the putter for about 3 months now, and it plays as advertised. I did take it to a club fitter and had the lie adjusted, it was striking the surface on the heal. After the adjustment it feels smoother on the stroke, and a better roll.

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