(T)less Driver Holiday Special


(T)less Driver Holiday Special

(T)less Driver Holiday Special

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Product Description

It's called the Teeless! No need for a tee to avoid the ground! Never fear the ground again! In fact, the ground is your friend!  The Teeless Driver was designed with the regular golfer in mind.  The Teeless Driver has the height of a 3 wood and the width of a driver allowing for the CG to be placed further back in the club than most any driver on the market!  This makes the Teeless Driver incredibly forgiving and long!  The Teeless Driver also has bounce on the sole making it possible to hit this club right off the deck!  Teeless Driver...Long off the Tee, Long off the turf!


Get even more when you add the Teeless Driver to your bag...

  • It's unique head shape and forward bounce make it virtually impossible to hit the Teeless fat.

  • With a deep and low CG, the Teeless is extremely forgiving and produces a high and long drive!

  • You can hit it HIGHER than your 3-wood and LONGER than your driver with the same swing and consistency as an iron!​



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ThatGuytheGolfer 11/16/2018 2:19:14 PM
I was always skeptical of these types of clubs but man was I wrong about the Teeless Driver! This club can replace your 3-wood, driver or both, with ease. The sound and feel of this club ranks up there with top OEM manufacturers. This is a "fairway finder" if you tend to spray a typical driver. When you're facing a very tight and long par four, reach for this club and you're almost guaranteed to find the short grass. If you have a chance to reach a par-5 in two, this is the club you want in your bag!

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