Tour Links Putting Green

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Tour Links Putting Green

Tour Links Putting Green

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The Tour Links Putt Master is a 9 food tour-grade putting training aid.  It is one of the best all-in-one putting trainers ever developed with numerous features to help you sink more putts on the course.  It has a string guide similar to what is used by numerous PGA Tour Players to observe the path of their putter and correct the path to be straight.  Additionally the stroke groover block helps you to get perfect pace by showing you the length of your back and through swing. When the back and through swings are even you know you have the optimal pace and you aren't decelerating. Lastly the foam contour pads and cup reducing ring help to add challenge to your practice with breaking putts.

The Tour Links Putt Master will make your golfing buddies jealous as you make more birdies on the course!
  • State of the art putting mat surface rolling true with course-like speed!
  • Incorporated training aids to help you sink more putts!
  • Easy to set-up, doesn't take up much space!
  • Save 4-8 strokes per round!
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